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  1. It's cool. If you like that kind of thing you should check out Sime and Arthur Rackham too.

  2. Hey Gnome, is your avatar a Sidney Sime illustration?

  3. Now that's a pity.. Will there be a different text appearing above you after that?

  4. Now when I see a guy with huge red arrow on him and the word ME! hovering on top of him I know I have met you.

  5. yes you may. but sending sugercubes in the mail doesnt sound like a good idea to me.

    bingo, sorry.


  6. ok, any stupid or ugly Norwegians at your school then? Sorry sawfly, i like you, but I have to squeeze you out. *squeeze*

  7. So, any kool Norwegian people at your school? :D

  8. omg omg omg!! How in buddah's name did you learn a filthy Norwegian word like that! I am utterly shocked and VERY happy! :D rasshøl.. I mean, you even got the 'ø' right. strange

  9. maahaha zi alien ivazion!

  10. cool personal photo

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