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  1. Hello everybody... I updated the 2 tracklistings...only 4 tracks still left unknown ! https://soundcloud.com/clemfeedback/fg-goa-trance-94-face-a https://soundcloud.com/clemfeedback/fg-goa-trance-94-face-b Please help ! Thanks
  2. No, no need to log if you don't have an a account. Here's the tracklisting : 1 – KoxBox « Insect and insect bite (original mix) » 2 – Climax absolute « Parijatak » 3 – The Infinity Project “Ego shredder” 4 – Voodoo people « Drop the bomb » 5 – Rotor type « Be yourself » 6 – Astral projection « In-Novation » 7 - UNKNOWN TRACK : old school techno with a hint of d n b ? 8 – UNKNOWN TRACK : old school techno ? 9 – Blue Planet Corporation « Aquablue » 10 – UNKWNOWN TRACK : Old School techno, cool and quiet...? https://soundcloud.c...rance-94-face-b THANKS
  3. Hello everybody ! I've uploaded a pure old school trance/ hardtrance mix on soundcloud : As you'll hear it, still 6 tunes left to ID... Anyone could help me? THANX !
  4. Hello These are the 4 tracks that are tagged "UNKNOWN TRACK" in the tracklisting of both sides... Thanx !
  5. Hello everybody ! I've uploaded a pure old school mix on soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/clemfeedback As you'll hear it, still 4 tunes left to ID... Anyone could help me? THANX ! Clemfeedback
  6. Hey hey hey old school loooovers!!! Could anyone take two minutes to ID these 3 marvellous 93-94' old school tracks ? http://soundcloud.com/fredbuzter/sets/old-school-acid-goa-3pack-to/ Thanks
  7. OK I found it ! Thanks to two french expert ears !!! Topic closed!
  8. Hello everybody ! This time the search could be easier...i've got the extract : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV5lT2rPO3U Please, could you give me the title of the track + artist ? Thanks
  9. Thanks for your precious advices but none of these fit !
  10. Hello everyone ! Sorry...no music..only memories ! Here are the clues... This is a pure goa classic tune, really powerful, heavy bass, uplifting melodies, probably released in 1994, maybe beginning of 1995 (yep the Golden era)...and at the beginning of this tune, it features during 30-40 seconds a sample fromm "Voodo people" from Prodigy... I don't know why but I've been sure for a while that it was the Dentist from Boscaland...but if my mind isn't wrong it's acid./hardcore and not goa trance... Anyway, any idea is welcomed !!! Thanks !
  11. Hi there ! I think that this request mostly concerns the french goa lovers, and mainly the old school part of them, because I desperately look for old school goa mixes on the internet but only those who were broadcasted on the famous french Radio FG between 1994 and 1997... The names of these shows were "Rave up" (dedicated to everything from techno to heavy hardcore sounds) and "Le manège enchanté" (fully dedicated to pure goa trance)... Where can I find some of these musical ressources ??? Even if someone got them on tapes, I could be interested... I know it's kinda hard question but if someone knows... Thanks !!! Clemfeedback
  12. Hi, I'm carefully searching the net to pick some old school mixes ... but I got nothing really interesting until now... My faves ? Think to the good old sound from the 94-95 era... and especially the following pieces..."Lsd" HALLUCINOGEN, "Ego shredder" + "Stimuli" THE INFINITY PROJECT, "Insect and insect bite" KOXBOX, "1000 planets" ARCTURUS, "Voyager II - Voodoo remix" PRANA, "One Love" ELECTRIC UNIVERSE, "Magnetic ativity - Total Eclipse remix" MFG and some others that I probably forgot from this great period...sigh ! Please give me links or anything thatt could lead me to the PURE OLD SOUND !!! Mixes or else ... Thanks in advance !!! clemfeedback
  13. Thank you very much...I'll search the net in order to put a hand on these discs... Old school is the law...definitively !
  14. Hi there ! I suppose that quite everyone knows the terrific Dragonfly's Order Odonata sumptuous collection, but the first part which was released at the end of 1994 is, to my mind, the best and unmatchable...maybe I'm too nostalgic ! Still, there's a song called 1000 planets by Arcturus on it and I really love this one...spacey, dyamic, dark and highly enjoyable...Could anyone there tell me more about them and if they released something else (name, label and so on...) Thanks ! Bye !
  15. Ok ! Thanks ! I'll check Adrenalin Drum for sure...
  16. Hi everyone, Who knows this wonderful track created by one of those underrated goa acts of the last decade ? Personnaly, I really love the beginning of this song, especially the two first minutes which represent the perfect melodies that I really like in this genre... Anyone could introduce me to other acts in the same genre ? In the vein of this song , Jajo ? Although the other songs kick a lot (rain, other line and last feeling among others...) .. Jajo owns a specific feeling that I really LOVE ! As I rediscovered some months ago Goa Trance...I would really appreciate an enlightened point of view about this topic.... Thanks in advance !
  17. ooops for me... ELECTRIC UNIVERSE "One love INFINITY PROJECT "Feeling weird" HALLUCINOGEN "Twisted" and TOTAL ECLIPSE "Delta Acquarids"...
  18. Hello ! To your point of view, and especially for the most nostalgic of us around here... REMEMBER 1995, WHAT WERE THE BEST GOA TRANCE ALBUMS RELEASED DURING THIS MIGHTY YEAR ... ? ...where (quite) everything seriously started... Let me know ! Bye !
  19. By the way..anyone know a tune with a relentless psychedelic vibe, quite spacial vibe, globally mid-tempo..with a voice that ends the track "So, there's thousand of planets out there"... I was thinking it was Prana first, then Minfdfield...but now I 'm confused..all I know is that it's from 1995...and was broadcasted with likes of doof and the infinity project... I 'll put an exercpt here
  20. Hi, I discovered goa trance in 1995..what some people called the "golden era" until 1998...with tracks broadcasted on the french radio FG show "Rave Up".... bombastic and killer satudray evening show lead by some of the finest dj's in the genre.. Anyway..I found back an old tape of this era, for sure 1995 era, and I have identified the marvellous "Le's turn it on" by Doof and some Astral Projection, Prana and The infinity project tunes... Now there's one or maybe two more..so I need to put an excerpt of these tracks here ... anyone knows how should I proceed to transform these tape -tunes into MP3's ??? Thanks..see you later ... with the tunes
  21. Hi there.. Never too late to discover some good ol'classics... I recently rediscovered the Orichalcum and the Deviant's album, released on Tip in 1997...and it has reawakened my interest in this kind of stuff ! Anyone could recommend me other releases in this precise goa syle ? If possible, released in the same period... Thanks!!
  22. What's the most 'emotional" goa album ever released ? By "emotional", I mean deep, mind-travelling, beautiful, floating .. in other words the album that makes you feel so goooood... As far as I'm concerned the Prana - Cyclone Era and all the former Tsuyoshi works can bring me these emotions...timeless classics... Yeeehhhh.......
  23. This album is scary, frigthening, sooooo cold ! Imagine you entered a new dimension of trance close to minimalistic techno sounds and threatening beat lines...proudly annoncing the choice for a new trance generation ! Just listen..Ones like Hide an Seek, Bitnapped, Patchfinder or Neurosport will for sure kick some crazy asses ! Beware...it's now slowly coming upon our ears... Definitely the best newcomer on the dark psy scene...AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH! A huge 9/10 goes for this awesome album... Harsh !!!Not for the weak!
  24. Hi everyone ! I'm desperately looking for good, dark, complex and deep goa trance ! I'm not really too experienced to find new good sounds as I'm an old school head (discovering Goa in 96 /97 with Total Eclipse, Junoreactor, Prana and the Dragonfly.Tip stuff - OLD SCHOOL WAS THE LAW THEN !!! ...) !!! I rediscovered these tunes some months and I still love them ! But today, I would like to get darker and heavier sounds as I'm more into complex hardtekno or electro/industrial in the belgian Ant Zen mood... Anyone here could recommend me : 1) Nice, complex still dynamic goa releases who were recently issued ? 2) Artists which mix goa sounds with more "actual" tekno or industrial things ? By the wy, is Goacore a true label for "hard" and kickin Goa ? I heard this last week but I cannot find any artist who plays thi skind of stuff... What kind of labels could you recommend me ? Enlightened Goa heads should help me .. poor, old and lost auditor !!! Thank you in advance ! Clemfeedback
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