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  1. Hey Kathmandu Cool to see you here! Check out the new mix and tell me if you like I reckon you will!
  2. For those interested here is a recording of a fresh promo mix I threw together of Nabi Record's last compilation International PsyTrance Association (Currently unavailable for sale...) Download it here... Nabi Records Set (International PsyTrance Association) - Promo Mix Set (March 2009) Track List: Sickuence - Temporarily Insane Karash - Guerrier Sonic Kalilaskov AS vs Select Project - Eliza Roza Chipset vs Necropsycho - Necrochipsycho Quarantine - Shrooms Karash vs Baphomet Engine - Freaky Ranch Kalilaskov AS - April 26 Gappeq - Bungula Psychoz vs Netrosystem vs Aremakki - The Devils Lake Quarantine - Holiday Horror
  3. Hey guys For anyone interested in booking me for their party I will be available during September/October as I travel throughout more of Europe. I've been recently touring around the place and so far played at events in England and Italy, after going via Japan on my way over here from Australia. So send me a PM or email me at bookings [-at-] psykeout.net to enquire!
  4. Hey people Here is a new mix set recorded this month for those interested in a dancey dark and twisted psychedelic journey. Based on the set featured at the Festival Island launch. Rapid Psykedelic Sonances Mix Set - March 2007 Track Listing: 1. Gappeq - Lavondyss 2. Noise Gust - Sliceman 3. Entropy & HappyLeptic - 3 Some 4. Silent Horror - Vice 5. Noise Gust - Burglar 6. Stigma - Killer Mind 7. Noise Gust - Voga 8. Audiopathik - Mauvaise 9. Noise Gust - Burglar 10. Noise Gust - Headlock (Rmx) 11. Datakult - Liquid Genocid (Baphomet Engine Rmx) 12. Lab - Nightmare before new year 13. Electrypnose Vs Elendyl - Marmitage 14. Flipknot Vs Jun - All Souls Day 15. Polykaos - Numbers 16. Lab - Paranoia Download it here: http://www.psykeout.net/modules.php?name=D...etit&lid=49 DJ Cyberwlf will be available for bookings in the UK / Europe from Mid-May 2007 on. Contact him at bookings (at) psykeout dot net for enquiries.
  5. People can now purchase pre-sale tickets at the price of $27+bf for this event at the following locations: * Psydeways (Newtown) - 480 King St Newtown - 9565 1828 * In Denial (Glebe) - 74 Glebe Point Rd Glebe) - 9571 8521 * Electric Monkeys (Bondi Beach) - 78-80 Gould St Bondi Beach - 9365 6955 Purchase them on-line here via the Moshtix website ! Or via any of the following Moshtix locations... - BALMAIN: Fish Records Balmain, 289 Darling St. - BONDI BEACH : Electric Monkeys, 78-80 Gould St - Bondi Junction: The Music Shop, Shop 5050, Level 5, Westfield 500 Oxford St - COOGEE: Coogee Bay Hotel, CNR Arden & Coogee Bay Rd - DARLINGHURST: Central Station Records, Upstairs 46 Oxford St - GLEBE: Fish Records Glebe, 47 Glebe Point Rd - GOSFORD: Leading Edge Music, Shop 10M Imperial Centre - HAMILTON - NEWCASTLE: Beaumont Street Beat, 3 / 34 Beaumont St - LEICHHARDT: Fish Records Leichhardt, 51 Norton St Norton Plaza - MOSMAN: Fish Records Mosman, 5 Vista St - NEWTOWN: Fish Records Newtown, 261 King St - NOWRA: Hewlett's Record Bar, Shop 4, Rodway Arcade - PARRAMATTA: Beat Disc, Shop 11 181 Church St - PENRITH: Re-Pressed Records, 4/521 High Street - SYDNEY CBD: Red Eye Records, 66 King Street - WARRIEWOOD: Leading Edge Music, Shop 56, Centro - WOLLONGONG: Redback Music, 133 Crown St
  6. These guys rock! Seriously psychedelic music!
  7. Hey people New Dark Psy / Dark Psychedelic Trance mix set I quickly threw together this week for people to check out. Destination Eleven Mix Set - July 2006: Track Listing: 1. Catatonic Despair - Skin & Salt 2. Baphomet Engine Vs.Electrypnose - Triphomet 3. M.W.S. - Stinger 4. Strezz - Lyserg Saeure Diaethylamid 5. Baphomet Engine - Mushmoon 6. Dejan - Condition Zero 7. Osom - Zealot 8. Metallaxis - Conclusion 9. Highko - Magic Shit 10. Darkabba - Nonlinear Mallard Syndrome (Xylamanda Remix) 11. Phobium - Pureblood 12. Alien Mental - Itchin 'n' Glitchin 13. Hishiryo - Psychotic Hardtime 14. Hishiryo - Theorem 15. Jigsaw - D Tracked 16. The Gorgon - Ghoul 17. Polyphonia - Ano Kato Download here: http://www.psykeout.net/Cyberwlf_Mix_Set-July_2006.mp3 (1hr 39mins, 128kbps mp3)
  8. A 'wlf production! / PsyKe Out proudly presents... -=== P E R P E T U A L . A P P A R I T I O N S ===- - 9th September 2006 - Outdoors - 9.00pm to 3.30pm - A fundraiser/awareness event for the Australian youth project SquareOne. A full moon/Spring Solstice party! From the crew behind the likes of Psykedelic Therapy 1 & 2, Tribal Shift, Astrophysia, and more. Join us once again on September 9, 2006 during the Spring Solstice for a full moon weekender at an un-missable outdoor psychedelic trance gathering; an event to raise awareness and donate any profits made to the Australian Youth project SquareOne (run by the not-for-profit Australian Youth organisation Vibewire). Square One, is a project dedicated to providing a space and a resource for the youth market to have opportunities to explore the arts, media, and other culturual avenues and assist them in having a voice and help provide avenues for them to get involved in creating new community projects. FEATURING: THIAGO MIRANDA (Alkaloid Productions/Vertigo Records, Brazil) SATANSTOENAIL (Somatica, Melbourne) GHETTAFUNKT (Gi'iwa Records, Byron Bay) GAPPEQ (Ketuh Records) Alongside a selection of talent hailing from Sydney, Wollongong, and Newcastle... The Psychedelia Stage: - Sunrunner Vs Sol Connection (Electric Power Pole Records) - Darkchild (BEEF Records, T-Quest) Vs Galaktik (T-Quest) - Floattank (Floatation Records) - Agent23 (Illuminati Records) - Simon (Zenon Records) - Mash (Underground Gravity) - Cyberwlf (Nabi Records) - Substance (DarkFaction) - bio[diversity] (R.E.G.E.N) The Alternate Beats Stage: - Brownee - The Professor (Elixir) - Abstract New Dimensions (Elixir, Clan Analogue) - Bounce (Warehouse Massive) - bio[diversity] (Dub set) - Kundalini (Elixir) - Quotient (Lvl-3) - LSDJ (Lvl-3) - Traveller - Surian (Featuring a mixture of electro/dub/dnb/reggae/jungle/chill) Throw off the mind-forged manacles and turn to see what makes those flickering shadows on the walls of your inner cave. Break through the narrow chinks of your cavern and join the whole in celebration of the eternal dance of the universe in this outdoor full moon psychedelic trance gathering. Delivering a line-up packed with psychedelic night through to psychedelic morning music! FOOD: You will be able to get yourself a delicious feed at the BBQ run by Stu-e/T-Quest, grab a hot freshly brewed coffee at Luke's coffee stall, or visit the Demeter Chai and Munchies stand to grab yourself other hot and cold drinks and snacks on offer. SOUND: Experience the quality of a 16k KV2 rig, tuned and tweaked to perfection through the talent of Secret Weapon. Sound and lighting sponsored by Silhouette Sound! DECOR: Psychedelic playground decorated from the likes of the Flutterby, Warehouse Massive crew and more! VISUALS: The combined talents of one of Sydney's most established VJs from Eyebyte Visuals collaborating with the skilled creativity of the VJ fractalicious (of ReZidue fame)! COST: $27+bf pre-sales, more on the door! Pre-sales available from: Psydeways (Newtown) - 480 King St Newtown - 9565 1828, In Denial (Glebe) - 74 Glebe Point Rd Glebe - 9571 8521 , Electric Monkeys (Bondi Beach) - 78-80 Gould St Bondi Beach - 9365 6955, or www.moshtix.com.au DIRECTIONS: Call (02) 9294-6814 on the night for directions, or check the website! WEBSITE: http://www.australiens.net/whatson/981/ More details about SquareOne: SquareOne was first conceived by a group of young media-makers in 2002 who were inspired by the example of the Octapod space in Newcastle and all the projects, including the This Is Not Art Festival. Identifying the lack of support locally for such projects which provide opportunities for new youth projects to be created and grown, they set about making it happen. Applying for a government grant to the Foundation for Young Australians, they received $150,000 in seed funding over three years, and by January 2005 had already started putting the plan into action. The project is intended to reach realisation and be open this space to the public by November 2006 For more details check out the website here: http://www.vibewire.net/3/squareone Artist/DJ Profiles: THIAGO MIRANDA (Alkaloid Productions/Vertigo Records, Brazil): Thiago Miranda, at the age of only 18, has developed a reputation from those in Australia who have been witness to his skills of delivering both night and morning music sets containing solid psychedelic elements together with a flowing storyline which keep a positive and uplifting vibe. He has received resounding positive feedback and has been seen at large Australian outdoor parties in Sydney/Melbourne/Byron Bay including his only other previous set in Sydney headlining the NYE Doof Experience 04/05 event, and has also played in more recent times at the highly successful outdoor parties Somatica and Royal Doof 3 in Melbourne. His events back home in Brazil have featured the likes of Penta, Nowhereman and Baphomet Engine. He is currently working on a dark psychedelic trance compilation for the Australian Psychedelic Trance label Alkaloid Productions. Thiago Miranda will be playing both back2back with Agent23 (Illuminati Records) and solo at this event. GHETTAFUNKT (Co-Manager of Gi'iwa Records, Byron Bay): Peta is best known for her blend of multi-genre psychedelic trance. Playing full on night time madness to booty shakin morning mayhem. Her diverse taste in music combines funky bass lines and twisted melodies, but still keeping with the essence of the trance-dancefloor. She co-manages Gi'iwa Records with Reece (aka. Neuron Compost). Peta's unique style has seen her play in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Nth NSW & in 2005 when she travelled abroad djing in Romania @ Transylvania Calling Festival and Omni Festival in Spain. Peta's *slightly* left of centre sets will leave you wondering "What the fuNkt was that?". In 2006 she continues her existing success playing at many of the biggest psychedelic trance parties around. SATANSTOENAIL (Somatica, Melbourne): A favourite amongst local fans of psychedelic night music, Brad aka Satanstoenail hails from the Melbourne crew Somatica. His previous sets in Sydney (including the previous A 'wlf production! / PsyKe Out party Psykedelic Therapy 2) demonstrated his abilities and skills in this area where he without a doubt managed to keep people glued to the dancefloor with his selection of solid psychedelic night music. He has a long history with music both inside and outside of the Psychedelic Trance scene. Aside from playing some of the largest events in his hometown of Melbourne alongside many different international, interstate, and local artists and DJs, he also has a history of being involved with various bands, his own long-running community radio show, and more. This experience has provided him with a variety of influences and skills which he brings into every set he plays. Satanstoenail will be playing a back2back set with Cyberwlf (Nabi Records) at this event. GAPPEQ (Ketuh Records): Needing no introduction, in his time here in Australia this Czech born artist has won many fans at his previous performances. He has featured at various Sydney and interstate parties (including the previous A 'wlf production! / PsyKe Out party Psykedelic Therapy 2), New Zealand, and at parties in Europe including many back home in the Czech Republic. Gappeq aka. Jiri Tomasek, already has many releases on Ketuh Records. His music ranges from slower dark atmospheric sounds through to storming twisted night time melodies. With a sound that is unique to him, he can elevate you from your realm self in to another dimension. He is a fully qualified musician, audio engineer and graphic designer and is currently working on his album for Ketuh records. Related links: Alkaloid Productions - http://www.alkaloid.biz/labelindex.htm Gi'iwa Records - http://www.giiwa.com/INDEX.HTM Ketuh Records - www.ketuhrecords.com So come party with us for this great night in the outdoors! You can check out the pre-flyer for this event here!
  9. You can now check out more mix sets by me here: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=38937
  10. Two dark psychedelic trance mix sets for people to check out based primarily on Nabi Records related releases: January 2006: Covering Nabi Records releases Run Motherfucker Run, Psychiatric Hospital Ahead, 148, and some other tracks too (mp3, 66mb approx) Download here: http://www.psykeout.net/modules.php?name=D...op=getit&lid=39 March 2006: Covering Nabi Records releases Deep Mental Trauma, Psychiatric Hospital Ahead, and some from RMR/148. Taken from recording of PsyKe Out Radio show. (mp3, 81mb approx.) Download here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=72HHMSED No track listing handy sorry! Enjoy!
  11. Cosmo uses all kinds of breakdown/etc effects in tracks, including track skipping type sounds (although he overuses it in too many tracks imho)
  12. Just a reminder to people about this Psychedelic Trance music show which is now broadcast twice weekly (Tuesday's and Friday's) around the globe via http://www.PulseRadio.net ! Featuring regular guest shows featuring new releases, labels, djs, and artists! Plenty of mix sets to download too! So come check out http://www.PsyKeOut.net !
  13. 'Infinite Solution' Mix Set: Dark Psy Mix Set based on the set from the festival Recommended Solutions 4 (February 2006) Track Listing: 1. Noise Gust - Phenix 2. Naked Tourist Vs Highko - Divine Blast 3. Kerosene Club - Baba Cannibal 4. Horror Place - Phenix 5. The Galactic Brain - Mind Manifest 6. Kindzadza - Purple Eye 7. Kindzadza - Ritm Corr 8. Penta - Noise Complaint 9. Osom - Compos Mentis 10. Highcosmos - Digital Patty 11. Highko - Oh No Remix 12. Highcosmos - Killer Track 13. Silent Horror - Placid On Acid 14. Highcosmos - Dope Junkiez 15. Savage Scream - X-Mash (Devils Mind Remix) 16. Highko - Ultra Violent 17. Phobium - Transfiguration 18. Cosmo - XXX-Perimental 19. Metallaxis - Evil Thing (Around 2 hours long, 128kbps mp3) Click here to check it out http://www.psykeout.net/Cyberwlfs_Mix_Set-February_2006.mp3 More mix sets and other Psy stuff can also be found here --> http://www.PsyKeOut.net !
  14. PSYKEDELIC THERAPY 2 - The Second Session - Featuring Gappeq, Satanstoenail + more!! Presented once again by a 'wlf production!, in association with PsyKe Out... After the huge success of the first party which raised a generous sum of money for the Australian charity Reach Out!, we're back for a second installment to support another Australian charity CareFlight, responsible for saving thousands of Australians lives, with another very special night of the best Psychedelic and Progressive music on offer! Date: Saturday 24th September, 2005 Time: 9:00 PM - 6:00 AM Venue: Castles Nightclub, 114 Castlereagh St City, Sydney, Australia Featuring the following line-up... Guests: - Gappeq (Ketuh Records) (Czech Republic) - Live! - Satanstoenail (Somatica) (Melbourne) - Debut Sydney Set Locals: - SubStance Vs dicA (Revealing Minds) - Sol Connection (Electric Power Pole Records) - McBain (Secret Weapon) - Orphea Gappeq (Ketuh Records) - Czech Republic Don't miss your chance to experience the 2nd ever performance in Sydney by the psychedelic night music artist from Czech Republic, Gappeq. With a background in playing both folk and classical music, and then moving onto other styles including jazz, industrial, and d'n'b, he then went on in 1999 to play in the band SM LOMOZ, but by 2000 had discovered and decided to get into writing Psychedelic Trance. Gappeq has had releases on Ketuh Records, Australia's SunDance Records, and more. His sound is a unique night-time sound with atmospheric pads, complex textures, modern jazz influences and razor-sharp production. He is currently working on his album for Ketuh Records. Check out his releases on various compilations here: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_ar...?artist_id=3650 Satanstoenail (Somatica) - Melbourne We bring you another of Melbourne's most popular and finest DJs of hard, dark, but always groovy psychedelic trance, from the Melbourne crew Somatica. He started his career in music 15 years ago joining the band 'Sanctum' which toured overseas and recorded an album. He then went on to form a new band 'Massick June', which combined a hybrid of metal and electronic styles. Moving into DJing at Melbourne community radio station 3RRR is where his love for electronic music was first born, often playing all night on the graveyard shift from which his since highly successful DJ career was born. These days he plays alongside locals and internationals at countless outdoor/indoor parties. We bring him up here for his debut set to unleash some of his well recognized talents on the Sydney scene. About CareFlight: NRMA CareFlight has been responsible for treating and saving the lives of over 14,000 Australians both young and old since it was first established in 1986. It represents the only multi-accredited medical air service in Australia, and has been the difference between life and death, as well as improving the quality of life for countless Australians. Their service proves even more valuable for Australians in rural and outback areas who otherwise lack any or much in the way of medical facilities. NRMA CareFlight operates four integrated services: a state-wide emergency service with the twin-engine Bk117 Helicopter equipped with rescue hoist, search light, based at Westmead; a Central West regional service with a Agusta A119 Koala, based in Orange; CareFlight's own trauma and medical retrieval doctors providing a State-Wide service from Sydney; and an international medical retrieval and repatriaton service, using CareFlight's own medical team. CareFlight medical teams are able to respond by helicopter, road ambulance and fixed wing air ambulance aircraft, depending on the circumstances. For more details check out the CareFlight website here: http://www.careflight.org/ Decor: The venue will be re-decorated once again with a mixture of Psychedelic Decor, Visuals, and lighting! Sound: Solid and Psykedelic. Tweaked to perfection by Secret Weapon Ticket Info: $15 before Midnight, $20 after Website: http://www.psykeout.net/therapy/ This event is sponsored by 3D World.
  15. PSYKEDELIC THERAPY - 30th JULY - Featuring Pondscum, Nimda, Oculus and much more! Presented by the return of a 'wlf production! ...in association with PsyKe Out All profits from this event will be going to the Australian Youth-based social welfare/mental health service, Reach Out! ( http://www.reachout.com.au ). It is a service for helping young Australians through tough times and helping them to move on. Presenting to you a night of some of Australia's best psychedelic night artists and dj's, alongside some of Sydney's finest progressive dj's and artists. Including never seen before back2back collaborations. Date: Saturday 30th July, 2005 Time: 9:00 PM - 6:00 AM Venue: Castles, 114 Castlereagh St City, Sydney (NSW, Australia) Featuring the following line-up... Interstates: - Pondscum (Ketuh Records,Melbourne) - Nimda (Alien Earth,Melbourne) Locals: - Oculus (aka Didgitalis & Float tank) (Floatation Records) - TracT (Killah! Tea/Demon Tea Records) -Vs- Raptor (Mechanik Sound Records) - Darkchild (T-Quest) -Vs- aDaMT (EPP Records/Australiens.net) - Agent23 -Vs- Mash (The Illuminati Records Duo) There will also be an afterparty provided by the REGEN crew for National Tree Day, in collaboration with this event! Full details for this will be available on the night! Pondscum (aka Luke), is a Melbourne artist who has recently been signed to Portuguese label Ketuh Records. He has been described as Melbourne's best kept secret, and has become a hit in the Melbourne trance scene, never failing to impress! He has a release on the very latest Ketuh Records compilation In Crypto as well as the upcoming compilation Hyper Spatial Chrysalis. He will be making his debut Sydney performance for this event. Check out more about Pondscum here: http://www.ketuhrecords.com/artists_pondscum.php Alongside Pondscum, we also will have the first set in Sydney by Melbourne DJ Nimda of the Alien Earth crew (responsible for bringing out the likes of Azax Syndrome and Jahbo). Nimda was previously a part of the infamous Tranceplant crew, and these days is a regular feature at both indoor and outdoor parties in Melbourne due to his unique flavour in hard psychedelic night music. Check out more about Nimda here: http://www.alien-earth.com/Artists/Dave.htm All DJs and Artists involved are all kindly donating their time for this event. More about Reach Out!: Since its launch in 1998 over 2.5 million young Australians have benefited from this organizations service. It's site http://www.reachout.com.au receives over 2,400 people every day. It's service assists people with finding solutions to mental heath issues such as depression, as well as social welfare issues so they can move on with their lives. Reach Out! is an initiative of the non-profit organization, the Inspire Foundation. Since being founded Reach Out! has received acclaim from a variety of sources in both the Internet and mental health fields. Lighting: Psykedelic! Visuals/VJ: ReZidue Visuals Sound: Liquid Sound Design rig. Tweaked to perfection by Secret Weapon Ticket Info: $15 before Midnight, $20 after Website: http://www.psykeout.net/therapy/
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