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    Good music, females, nature (love the Ibiza pines, they are just so wonderful), partying, reading, eating, football, computer science and engineering, solo-rare-weird-endemic-thinking, talk about strange things with my friends, travelling, psynews...
  1. Mmm, please DP, there is commercial stuff everywhere, so don't equal Ibiza=commercial. The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing (Juan Verdera's stuff was made in Ibiza if I'm not mistaken) First 1200 mics albums where made here too.. So please, don't label Ibiza as commercial
  2. True.. DETOX, I agree with you. There are artists that should be added
  3. Alex

    V/A - Forest Of The Saints

    Great Goa by the Guru Gil!
  4. Alex

    V/A - Gaia IX

    totaly agree with you. very good comp with very good tracks neuromotor, srange and son kite (released before but..) and last but not least a wonderful Bamboo Forest !! Largely better than the "Password is love" comp. 8/10
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