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  1. Hi Where is Jorg? He not respond email and msn who know? and please notice SSJ post address. I will send demo cd. please reply.
  2. Hi shutup.. I was very many make songs and sequencing...decently Maybe exercise working... I pursue prolevel...wait wait wait...
  3. Hi How to contract? here is southkorea. please talk msn. nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com
  4. Hi My new track "SN" at http://soundclick.com/nhjohyennro Hardcore Tekno + Goa/Psychedelic Trance. Used by Quasimidi The Raven, Yamaha ex5, Korg N1R , Albino 2, Vamguard, FM7, Z3ta, Cubase Sx, etc I want to contract any label!. please contact to me. nhjo_hyennro@hanmail.net nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com <MSN i like.
  5. HI My new track "DARKmeg". Tek-GOATRANCE. made by cubase sx. used Quasimidi The Raven, Novation nova, Waldorf Microwave XT, Yamaha EX5, Albino 2, A1, etc. I try hardkick.. http://soundclick.com/nhjohyennro any comment welcome. and contract welcome.
  6. HI I'm NHJO HYENNRO RAH Are u relly HOMMEGA? I want to contract quickly. please contact nhjo_hyennro@hanmail.net nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com <for MSN I prefer I'm from Koreasouth now
  7. Hi My new songs uploaded at http://soundclick.com/nhjohyennro ABLOVELOVE made by Impulse Tracker 2.14 at 1999/05/30 RAVETEKNO RMn is today made song in 30min. Danceable Goa. Any comment welcome and Want a contract any label. nhjo_hyennro@hanmail.net nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com <for MSN I like it
  8. HI My new track uploaded at http://soundclick.com/nhjohyennro today made a song only 30min! Any comment welcome! and I wanna contract to label! thanks!
  9. Hi your label site? or address or email (for mp3)? can release ep or single cd?
  10. Hi I think 1. me 2. Metallica - Master of Puppets 3. MWNN - Own the world 4. Hallucinogen - Shamanic 5. Infected Mushroom - Return of the shadow. 6. Astral Projection - Mahadeva 7. Nirvana - Smell like the children 8. Yahel - Megadawn 9. Slide - Pradeter 10. Rammstein - Du hast 11. Helloween - Dr. Stein 12. MWNN - The first day 13. MWNN - Possesed 14. MWNN - Tarantula 15. Tim schuldt - Pretty Posion 16. SSO - Watington 17. Pladiean - IFO (album) 18. Metallica - Orion 19. Paul Van Dyk - For angel 20. 2 unlimited (all album) 21. DJ Hell - My definition of house 22. Real McCoy - Runaway 23. Rela McCoy - Another night 24. Ace of Base - The sign 25. Ace of Base - All that she wants 26. DJ Dero - Do the rave stomp 27. DJPC - Insomniak I come back 28. RTZ beligum - Turn me around etc..
  11. Hi I want to know MWNN lyric. first day and seratonin sunrise.
  12. Hi all I uploaded new songs http://soundclick.com/nhjohyennro any comment and contract welcome.
  13. Hi I have it and very satisfy. real filter bass and powerful lead and string and fx. and also have randam create patch really good. who have this? and opinion.
  14. HALLO my new song uploaded http://soundclick.com/nhjohyennro nhjo_hyennro@hanmail.net if you like this songs I wanna contract any label. reply!
  15. Hallo my address http://soundclick.com/nhjohyennro my new goatekrave song! reply! nhjo_hyennro@hanmail.net nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com please contact!
  16. Hallo My name is NHJO HYENNRO from russia/korea this my track cubase + ex5 please review my song! http://stompmix.netian.com/ru.mp3
  17. Hallo My name is NHJO HYENNRO from russia/korea this my track cubase + ex5 please review my song! http://myhome.shinbiro.com/ru.mp3
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