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  1. By far the better release of the ultimate chill outs. This is quite unusual but has this interesting twist to it. Psychedelic and some more would be a good description. It connects a lot of different tastes, they have managed to connect to all and everything. I give them a 9/10 for the guts to take it away :clapping: .
  2. I meant the un-expected, its the unexpected that makes us fly. First we feel kind of lost, then we take off and fly ....................................yes mom I am listening to Entheogenic ! .
  3. its always good, if you get the expected then nothing would ever change :posford: it was quite a positive surprise for me.
  4. I liked dialogue of the speakers is has great remixes, probably the best in the chill-out area so far. Flight of the Urubus is however more disticntive more elaborate. Anyways a whole different story to tell. So far this years best. .
  5. dont like female vocals much but try Loreena McKennitt way better then most females suggested here!
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