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  1. Have it With special thanx to psychedelic pet for track id http://www.youtube.com/user/psychedelicpet Greets cneister
  2. Come on girls and guys i trust in you! I´m shure someone out there knows the track and can identify it !! Thanx cneister
  3. Hey guys, i´m searching for a track which i have on a live set from 2006. I also found a video with the track in the background so perhaps you can have a look and help me! Thanx for the help!! greets cneister
  4. video numer 7 is: CPC da lost eden -la revolution/ from the album : CPC da friends- violance
  5. another track to id. not shure if it´s really xerox and illumination. maybe it might be orgon flow.. if someone can help me i would be very gratefull again..
  6. yeah you got it.. dear day tripper i have to thank you verry much!!! and for all the others who want to hear it here it is.. what a great song to party. cneister..
  7. from the latest album audio drama RED.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6IcnoB3u3o&feature=related
  8. older one but one of the best ever!! i love this guy!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yMogFAGPXA
  9. hey girls and guys... im just sechring for a remix of the david guetta song love don´t let me go. i once heard one of cosmic tone but it wasn´t the one i ment.. i just have this one one a dj set i once downloaded at the internet. the style of the song i think is fullon psytrance if this can help you. if someone can help me i would be verry grateful.. please apologise my bad english.. i´m from germany and i had english in school for years ago. Greetings.. cneister
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