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  1. Stream / Download Recorded at Universo Paralello 2015/2016. Bahia, Brazil. Tracklist 01. Plasmotek - Unreal (Slackjoint Remix) | Unreleased 02. A Yet Not Named Track | Unreleased 03. Fucking Dimensions | Unreleased 04. Odd I See | Unreleased 05. Dandelion Fields (Original Mix and Waio Remix Live Mashup) 06. That Moment 07. Avalanche | Unreleased 08. Undecided 09. Reacting The Same Way 10. Spooky 11. Journeys Style: Psychedelic Trance, 144 BPM Length: 58:15 min Format: Mp3, 320 kbps File size: 134 MB Find us on the web Facebook.com/Slackjoint | Soundcloud.com/Slackjoint | Twitter.com/Slackjoint | Slackjoint Google+
  2. Freshly signed Amplidudes Records act Elecdruids with a driving progressive remix to J&B Project's 'Light On'. TRACKLISTING 01. J&B Project - Light On (Elecdruids Remix) GET IT HERE http://www.beatport.com/release/light-on-elecdruids-remix/403707 Release Date: August, 8th 2011 Format: Digital Wav/MP3 CatNo: DUDEDIGI011 Mastering: 4CN Studios ELECDRUIDS CONTACT DETAILS elecdruids@amplidudes.com www.facebook.com/elecdruids Skype: rilleralle
  3. Already as a wee nipper Stefan has been blessed with an enormous creative power. However, as soon as little Stefan had received his Gameboy he had been occupied for the next couple of years. Eating and peeing were hardly to be fit into his busy schedule of missions of utmost importance such as pushing buttons in order to save the princess. Stefan has never been successful to kick his Gameboy habit. Having reached the tender age of 27 years the Bernese does not go on mushroom forays quite that often anymore, he brings in his bread as a graphic artist, DJ and music producer instead. Amongst other things he designs fab psy flyers. Anyhow, he still spends quite all of his spare time manipulating buttons and controllers. Inspired by Zelda, Tetris and Princesses in distress ?Gameboy? creates playful sounds that chase dancers through the darkest dungeons only to let them jump from cloud to cloud right afterwards. Skilful he creates the most powerful atmospheres, plays with dark and bright elements, like Yin and Yang, which always lets him throw his punters a curve. Over the last two years, Gameboy has been conquering European Psy-Castles, armed with Synthie and Laptop, easily recognised by pixel-dominated subjects on his T-shirts. On the Fusion Festival in Berlin he hit his biggest Level-Up so far where he wowed 3000 enthusiastic Space Invaders. In the meantime, now collaborating with Amplidudes Records, he has become the busiest Psy-DJ in Switzerland. The always growing repertoire of Gameboy does not only include Fullon, but MinimalTec and Progi. TRACKLISTING 01. Slackjoint - YamYam (Gameboy Remix) 02. Gameboy & Freakulizer - Electronic Keynius GET IT HERE www.beatport.com/release/extra-life/389473 Release Date: June,8th 2011 Format: Digital Wav/MP3 CatNo: DUDEDIGI010 Mastering: 4CN Studios GAMEBOY CONTACT DETAILS gameboy@amplidudes.com www.facebook.com/gameboy.rules www.myspace.com/psygameboy www.facebook.com/stefan.leutwyler Skype: gameboystefan
  4. Here´s a fresh DJ set by Slackers, the guys behind Slackjoint http://soundcloud.com/slackjoint/slackers-mix-session-pt3 Tracklisting 01. M- Theory - Woodbox 02. Mental Broadcast - Etherleak 03. Tantrix - Network 04. Ital & Hyperflex - The Bright Side of the Sun 05. Sinerider & Materia - R2 06. Brainiac - Loonatic 07. Waio - Symbolika 08. Static Flow - Musik Technology 09. Tron - VCA 10. Avalon,Waio, Cyrus The Virus- Transition 11. Ilai - Mental Universe 12. Freakulizer & Shove - Day Time Style Psychedelic Trance / FullOn / around 143 BPM Direct Download http://soundcloud.com/slackjoint/slackers-mix-session-pt3/download More free Slackers mixes http://soundcloud.com/slackjoint/sets/slackers-mix-sessions/ More about Slackjoint www.facebook.com/slackjoint www.myspace.com/slackjoint www.soundcloud.com/slackjoint contact@slackjoint.com
  5. There´s a new webcam, streaming live from the Amplidudes Records Headquarter, check it, there´s a lot going on. http://amplidudes.com/index.html Cheers!
  6. TRACKLISTING 01. J&B Project - Light On (Symphonix Remix) 02. J&B Project - Light On 03. J&B Project - Tschiggibaem (Sensual Squeak Remix) 04. J&B Project - Tschiggibaem (Moontales Remix) 05. J&B Project - Tschiggibaem 06. J&B Project - Heavy Prophet (Timeless Remix) 07. J&B Project - Heavy Prophet (Sensual Squeak Remix) 08. J&B Project - Heavy Prophet Release Date: May,16th 2011 Format: Digital Wav/MP3 CatNo: DUDEDIGI008 Mastering: Tim Schult / 4CN Studios Get it at Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/368780/Monkey%20Business%20%28The%20Remixes%29
  7. ORGONFLOW - SURREAL (EP) There are just quite a few fullon (or whatever you wanna call it) releases these days merging rocking grooves and deepth without the cheesy smell of crap. 'Orgonflow - Surreal' brings together what makes the crowd move and the mind drifting - effective, punchy and frisky - nothing less, but way more. TRACKLISTING 01. Orgonflow - Popcorn 02.Orgonflow - Tranceschnitte Release Date: April,18th 2011 Format: Digital Wav/MP3 CatNo: DUDEDIGI007 GET IT AT BEATPORT.COM http://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/358390/surreal ORGONFLOW CONTACT DETAILS orgonflow@amplidudes.com www.facebook.com | www.myspace.com Skype: orgonflow
  8. SENSUAL SQUEAK - THE MOJO MONKEY Sinan's musical background started in the nineties while playing guitar in several hardcore punk bands. In 1999 he had his first encounters with the psychedelic scene which quite turned him on resulting in the first dj gigs in 2003. Being a resident on many events within Switzerland, his talent received soon attention in other countries, resulting in dj gigs in Marocco, Tunesia, Austria and Germany. In 2005 he started producing his own tunes. The chosen name was Sensual Squeak and the path was clear: crispy and deep progressive patterns alongside elements clearly resulting in a peculiar style only Sinan can deliver. Gaining more attention in the international Trance circus lead to bookings in countries like Russia, Israel, Australia, Ibiza, Germany and Austria which kicked up loads of dust. Recently Sinan was working on his project Refract which he started with his mate Pascal Bourguignon some years ago and which made quite a rumble especially in Germany and Switzerland, resulting in working with BMSS Records. But as his soul contains a lust for the slower and deeper sounds, it was clear his debut album for Sensual Squeak was about to see the daylight. And its shortly before that: signing with Amplidudes Records was the final kick to move him forward in the production of this master-piece. Get ready, as spring will be the season of sensual squeakiness! TRACKLISTING 01. Sensual Squeak - Crabs Creek 02. Sensual Squeak - A Place For Crazy People 03. Sensual Squeak - Cold Days 04. Sensual Squeak - Lucy Slaps Daisy 05. Sensual Squeak - Looking Forward 06. Sensual Squeak - A Quarter Of A Milligram 07. J&B Project - Heavy Prophet (Sensual Squeak Remix) 08. Sensual Squeak - Mojo Monkey 09. Sensual Squeak - Plopping Click here to check it at Psyshop.com Release Date: March,04th 2011 Format: CD - Two month after Cd Release: Digital Wav/MP3 CatNo: DUDEDISC002 SENSUAL SQUEAK CONTACT DETAILS sensualsqueak@amplidudes.com www.facebook.com | www.myspace.com Skype: sensualsqueak Please write in German or English, unfortunately all other messages can´t be answered.
  9. Nominated for a bunch of Oscars, Golden Globes and all that stuff... maybe the best music video ever made, .. Ladies and Gentlemen: "J&B Project - Light On". (No monkey has been tormented for this video, all szenes have been recorded at last Amplidudes Records Labelnight and the day after) Enjoy! The track has been released here: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/320968/monkey-business
  10. Now available at Beatport! https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/320968/monkey-business
  11. Psytrain has been founded in May 2003 after a series of small private parties that were celebrated together in spring. While making music together, just for the fun of it, they found out that this has potential and decided to go about it more seriously. Patrick had done trance music since 1999, initially under the name the name Bass Massaker together with his friend Manuel Dempewolf. They had their first release on the Beatport compilation done by JumJam Records. Wolfgang has been involved in electronic music since 1986, but more as a programmer and architect of the well known music software Cubase and Nuendo and nowadays PreSonus Studio One. Psytrains sound has been featured on over 20 compilations and 2 studio albums. Now they are back on track! TRACKLISTING 01. Psytrain - Indian 02. Psytrain - Coolsen 03. Psytrain - Unknown Lifeforms GET IT AT BEATPORT: www.beatport.com/.../back-on-track Release Date: January, 07 2010 Format: Digital Wav/MP3 CatNo: DUDEDIGI005 PSYTRAIN CONTACT DETAILS Wolfgang: wolfgang@psytrain.com Patrick: patrick@psytrain.com General: psytrain@amplidudes.com Please write in German or English, unfortunately all other messages can´t be answered. WEB Facebook.com | Myspace.com LABEL INFORMATION AMPLIDUDES RECORDS Ahrensburgerweg 55 · 22359 Hamburg / Germany info@amplidudes.com Skype: Amplidudes www.amplidudes.com
  12. Slackers is the Slackjoint DJ Team. Meet'em on: http://www.facebook.com/slackjoint http://www.myspace.com/slackjoint ... or just drop a mail to contact@slackjoint.com Tracklisting: 01. Yage – Capi 0 02. Sonic Species – Machina Terra 03. Laughing Buddha – Reefer Pt.2 04. Rumble Pack – Tec Droid 05. Ital & Yage – Easy Is Right 06. Laughing Budha – TubeOtron 07. Tulk – Bass Belly 08. Hyperion – Four Faces 09. Psy Nina – Sound of Reality 10. Tristan & Lucas – Magic Umbra 11. Slackjoint – Yam Yam (Gameboy Remix) Download here: www.soundcloud.com/slackjoint/slackers-mix-session-pt2
  13. Win one of five free "J&B Project - Monkey Business" CD's! Everybody who´s in the "like list" of J&B Projects Facebook page till December 31,2010 will automatically join the lottery. The winners will be determined like this: We print the whole like list and throw darts on the print out. Hopefully hitting your name Of course this will be document with photos. Cheers!
  14. Here´s a full track preview, enjoy http://soundcloud.com/imago-psytrance/sets/imago-goats-in-trees-ep/
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