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  1. Ah, the best laid plans...

  2. Hey! :) Yep that's me! It got released some hours ago! Greets!

  3. Thanks for all the reviews!!

  4. Award winning reviews :D

  5. Great reviews again! You're singlehandedly keeping those sections alive.

  6. Shot for that rad review of my comp mate. Much appreciated! Great sense of humor too. I registered here just to tell you that. Thanks again. All the best!

  7. Great reviews! Still waiting for the Tales of heads review. Anyways, keep it up!

  8. Hello

    Thank you very much for your review of the Gappeq album.



  9. good reviews ur doing mate! u should post some of them in isratrance forum as well, get some action going there too =)

    keep up!


  10. Hi thanks a lot for you positive vibes towards my music and design concept :) Respect!

  11. Great reviews man! :)

    And great taste in Psy too!

  12. just joined psynews, like your taste in music.

    glad to see you got to hear magick universe - not many of them about!

    nick wenham - hunab ku, dimension 5

  13. glad you like my works :)

    spread da word of GOA!


  14. hey,,,this is poli

    thanks for the revew ,,,i got family in durham

    i visit there alot

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