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  1. Hi guys. Thanks a lot! I look forward to hearing your mixes. Thanks once again
  2. Hi guys. First off , big hello to everyone on the forum! Peak Radio is an internet radio station splitting into 3 different sections. Peak Dance - covering the full range of Dance music from House/Trance to Hard Dance/Hardcore , Dubstep and Garage to Jungle and Drum 'n' Bass and everything in between. Peak City - your pretty standard run of the mill tunes that are heard on a lot of day time radio - the full spectrum of commercial music. Peak Gold - tracks from the archives of yesteryear - classic anthems from many genres. At the minute we do not have any Psychedelic Trance mixes , which although we love - we can not acquire anywhere. We are looking for DJ's to submit Psychedelic Trance mixes if possible and were wondering if anyone had they would wish to stream ? The DJ's will be given 100 percent full credit in the slot title when streamed to our listeners. Big thanks for your time for reading this , hope to be in contact with you soon. Justin @ Peak Productions Radio.
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