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  1. Ahh, you lucky bastard. I'm definitely waiting to give this album a proper listen until my next acid trip. 8)
  2. Wow. This album really blew me away. The gorgeous female vocals really added a much-welcomed dimension. So refreshing, and just plain beautiful!! Now, the only problem is that I'm totally spoiled when it comes to chillout music! Where will I ever find anything this good to satiate my psychill thirst?! Probably nowhere until someone as good as Ott comes along. By the way longloststar, do you mean that you wish that the vocals didn't have any words, or that you wish there were no vocals altogether? I'd have to disagree with you on both accounts - while I definitely wouldn't want all my elect
  3. Wow, samples sound top notch. It actually reminds me quite a bit of where Younger Brother were headed in their 2nd album. Suspended In The Brightness is the track that gave me that feeling in particular.
  4. dgm

    Psykovsky - Da Budet

    I always thought of "psychedelic", when describing music, as indicating that the music was supposed to evoke the crazy alien headspace post DMT-rip... or inspired by the strange, avant-garde melodies that are heard whilst peaking on a couple strong tabs of acid. That's what I consider true "psychedelic" music...
  5. Agreed 100%. To me, psytrance always has to be one step ahead of the listener - listening to psytrance needs to be a brain-bending, mind opening experience, and this album simply is too predictable (although the production quality is good for what it is).
  6. dgm

    Psykovsky - Da Budet

    A lot of very nice melodies and psychedelic sounds in this album! However, some of the key changes and melodies just seem out of place or arbitrary to me. I'm listening to P.S.Y. Love You right now, and its got your standard psy bassline & kick drum, and layered on top of this are some swirling, rhythmic, psychedelic sounds, but no musically tonal or melodic elements. Yet the bassline key is shifting. To me, this doesn't make sense. A key change only is musical to my ear if a scale and tonic key has been established and identified (with other melodic elements). Without this crucial in
  7. Can't believe that I'm posting the first reply to this review now. This album is gorgeous - it's so well arranged, produced, and mixed that you forget you're even listening to music. It's more like diving into an alien ocean of aural goodness! Highly recommended!
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