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  1. ShivaOmArt - High Quality Artworks • Album covers • Flyers • Posters • Banners • Logotypes • Business cards • Clothing Design • Website • Social Media Design • Photo Retouching • Vector Design • Illustration for books and even more PORTFOLIO LINKS 2017 https://www.facebook.com/shiva.omm/media_set?set=a.1593552130696890.1073741892.100001263561421&type=3 2015 - 2016 projects https://www.facebook.com/shiva.omm/media_setset=a.1065719640146811.1073741872.100001263561421&type=3 http://shivaomart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/shivaomart https://www.pinterest.com/shiva3artist https://tw
  2. Hello i happy to help inform me PM if interesting https://www.facebook.com/shiva.omm or shiva3.artist@gmail.com and you an check my works there https://www.facebook.com/shiva.omm/media_set?set=a.1593552130696890.1073741892.100001263561421 Boom Shiva
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  4. Space Baby records presents: _____________________________________________ Kyoto – Astraverta http://www.beatspace...rta/detail.aspx GENRE........................Chill Out Tracks....................... 07 01. Time Tunnel 2:16 02. On Mars 11:12 03. Anahata 10:34 04. Forest Cat 10:30 05. Astraverta 12:32 06. Shivaz Dance 10:31 07. Floral Fractal 10:07 Total Time: 66:62 Mastered by Dimitro (Zymosis) Cover by Ashura Akatkoff Description : ENG Astraverta- is Pulsation of Life.Creative ene
  5. Friends sorry help move topic at the right section please
  6. Shiva3 – Space in the Woods 2010 (SBCD 004) COMING SOON Artist Shiva3 Title : Space in the Woods Format : jewel case Barcode : Sbcd 004 Genre........ Forest Psy Release date: 5/2010 TRACKLIST : 1 Intro 3:55 2 Har Har Mahadev 6:49 3 Scotland Trolls 6:16 4 Sithartha 6:45 5 Trolls Woods 7:23 6 Main Tittle
  7. Hello ppl ! Space Baby Records glad to inform you pleasant new awesome goa artist - * ALIENAPIA * Artist : Alienapia Title : GOAPOCALIPSIS Format : digipack CD Barcode : Sbcd 005 Mastering :Kodzu Genre........ Goa Release date : 2010-02-12 ____________________________________________ TRACKLIST: 1.Alienapia - Distinctive Perception 1:23 2.Alienapia - Dharmakaya 7:31 3.Alienapia - Estimate of standing crop 7:42 4.Alienapia - High Visual Philosophy 7:20 5.Alienapia - Inner Poison 8:06 6.Alienapia - Magic Magnification 7:17 7.Al
  8. Psy sounds from the Ivana Kupala`s mysterical night available ONLINE NOW!! Dear friends, you can feel the spirit of the Magic Dew on: - BeatSpace (CDs - UK - http://beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5344) - PsyShop (CDs - Germany - http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sre/sre1cd002.html) - SaikoSOunds (CDs - China - http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8237) - JunoDownload (digital - http://www.junodownload.com/products/1496617-02.htm) - AudioJelly (digital - http://www.audiojelly.com/) We love you! Space Baby Rec
  9. Amazing forest psychill from Kyoto available ONLINE NOW!! Dear friends, you can start your Forest Trip from: - BeatSpace (CDs - UK - http://beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5345) - PsyShop (CDs - Germany - http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sre/sre1cd003.html) - SaikoSOunds (CDs - China - http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_artist.asp?artist_id=12301) - JunoDownload (digital - http://www.junodownload.com/products/1500246-02.htm) - AudioJelly (digital - http://www.audiojelly.com/) We love you! Space Baby Rec
  10. Kyoto - Forest Trip (Space Baby Records) COMING SOON Hello again ! Space Baby Records glad to inform you pleasant new talented composer Vitaly Zenkov (aka Kyoto) Artist : Kyoto Title : Forest Trip Format : digipack CD Barcode : Sbcd 003 Mastering : Dimitro (Zymosis) Artwork : Alexander Kornienko Genre......... Psychedelic, Ambient, Psy Chill Release date : Autumn 2009 URL....... http://myspace.com/djkyoto _____________________________________________ TRACKLIST: 01 - intro (0:55) 02 - knockin to the h
  11. VA Magic Dew (Space Baby Records) COMING SOON Hello ppl ! Space Baby Records glad to inform you pleasant new compilation * Magic Dew *. Artist : Various Artists Title : Magic Dew Format : digipack CD Barcode : Sbcd 002 Mastering : Dimitro (Zymosis) Artwork : Nyaola Genre.........Fores Psy, Goa, Suomi Release date : Autumn 2009 ____________________________________________ TRACKLIST: 01 - Shiva3 - Nepal (7:34) 02 - Asoma - The Good The Bad The Ugly (10:49) 03 -
  12. In the country, which can be found only with the help of magic map, where the night sky, studded with the constellations of stars, presents all around with the light of sparkling stars so strongly, that eyes of every creature reflect the world’s beauty and magic - there are shaman circles. In the flow of four winds these circles are windows on the earth surface and repeating the stages of the world creation, linking spatial flows of energy and power of the great earth spirit, form the sacred places of power. And only once a year all the inhabitants of a magic world gather in those circles- che
  13. Dear friends! Here was the summer of Misterika festival! Thanks to all who supported us and granted our love and attention throughout the festival - each of you have even the smallest man is a part of our magical island Misterika, we make a low bow, and express good feelings and honor of the whole team of our festival! We hope the next time you are all going close to us, namely light and real good! We are glad to present you with an overview of the photo festival, and express many thanks to photographer Bogdan Spiryaev for what he has done a very conceptual image review to fu
  14. Once a long ago in old times everywhere on earth there were magic circles, or rings in which supernatural creatures - kind and heroic, vagrant and domesticated, merry and lonely, tiny, falling asleep to rest in the cups of flowers, sang and danced night long. Their clothings were from moss or foliage - and even from agglutinate with dew spider webs. These creations were so light, that not a single leaf, not a single floweret, moved under their feet. And if it happened someone to enter into their circle, he could stand, listening wonderful music and forgetting about time, by years. Under this t
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