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  1. Ok, here we go... This is list of my tracks from cygnetic, downloaded 10 years ago. 128 kbit (original bitrate) mp3 & mpga files format: acid squid - Drugs.mp3 acid squid - jumbled noise.mp3 acid squid - Thunder.mp3 acid squid - Violent.mp3 acid squid - What Position.mp3 http://turbobit.net/0sbw9xwtb4mx.html -------------------------------------------- alien spacecraft - alcohole.mp3 alien spacecraft - flying.mpga http://turbobit.net/4n3gvsmrz6lu.html -------------------------------------------- anodynez - brain activity.mp3 anodynez - near death experiment.mp3 anodynez - the moon.mpga http://turbobit.net/lpuqjf4cxxny.html -------------------------------------------- artificial identity - convergence.mpga artificial identity - dillirium.mp3 artificial identity - living on the edge.mp3 artificial identity - new generation.mp3 artificial identity - the search 4 et.mp3 artificial identity - year 2000.mp3 http://turbobit.net/n7utrh8w64vf.html -------------------------------------------- atypus - Dreams of Passion.mp3 atypus - Energy Line.mp3 atypus - Experience.mp3 atypus - Feel (official version).mp3 atypus - Feel (virtual mix).mp3 atypus - Galactic.mp3 atypus - INFRA202.mp3 atypus - Mind Walker.mp3 atypus - Real Pale.mp3 atypus - Speed of Thoughts.mp3 atypus - Stigmata.mp3 atypus - XRays.mp3 http://turbobit.net/5v1vcqu9zleh.html -------------------------------------------- flatline - AGET.mp3 flatline - Noise Makers.mp3 flatline - Penetration.mp3 http://turbobit.net/zyqxy2mqln0x.html -------------------------------------------- hard wired - Cup Down.mp3 hard wired - We Fly.mp3 http://turbobit.net/2iop531i28kv.html -------------------------------------------- imperial project - Abaris - World of Freed.mp3 imperial project - alien party.mp3 imperial project - Angel Dust.mp3 imperial project - boiling in acid.mp3 imperial project - Burning Man.mp3 imperial project - contact.mp3 imperial project - dubay.mp3 imperial project - Energy Gate.mp3 imperial project - exasolar planet.mp3 imperial project - Final Fantasy.mp3 imperial project - flying saucers.mp3 imperial project - from outer space.mp3 imperial project - gaia spirits.mp3 imperial project - Gravity Shift v1.mpga imperial project - Gravity Shift V2.mp3 imperial project - information.mp3 imperial project - live force.mp3 imperial project - meeting @ infinity.mp3 imperial project - Metamorphosis.mp3 imperial project - orbital link.mp3 imperial project - out of control.mp3 imperial project - parallel world.mp3 imperial project - Psychedelic Overdose.mp3 imperial project - SCROOP V2.mp3 imperial project - Serpent Rider.mp3 imperial project - Trans-Portal.mp3 imperial project - vimana.mp3 I didn't actually upload Imperial Project tracks, becouse before many time are linked. But if someone want i can upload any. Here is 1 track, that i think is not uploaded before (Abaris - World of Freed.mp3): http://turbobit.net/c3ff5db9m9l3.html As i said bedfore my post, i upload info about Imperial Project from No 5/2001 of WWW Magazine, that was in CD called Techno-Shiva MP3. On this CD was few mp3 from Remote Viewing album and info in html (polish language). CD contain others mp3's of artist too (trance/techno/ambient), many tracks was from www.mp3.com site. http://turbobit.net/cl95wew3ks34.html -------------------------------------------- incremental zone - Double Crossing.mp3 http://turbobit.net/2i03vs99uhxu.html -------------------------------------------- overmind projection - as tron aut.mp3 overmind projection - blood.mpga overmind projection - complexx.mpga overmind projection - mind trip.mp3 overmind projection - on dope.mp3 overmind projection - reloaded matrix.mp3 overmind projection - the last stand.mpga overmind projection - universe.mpga http://turbobit.net/13guy0kjpj6v.html -------------------------------------------- raptor - Faith of Confidence.mp3 http://turbobit.net/nljt6cjycjiu.html -------------------------------------------- syntetic pleasure - Fly.mp3 syntetic pleasure - Survival.mp3 http://turbobit.net/zqwh0v8gk0ra.html -------------------------------------------- terra base - EXiteMenT.mp3 terra base - Harmonic Dreams.mp3 terra base - MysteriA.mp3 http://turbobit.net/1x7e4a0e5ich.html -------------------------------------------- The Infinity Float - Revolution is.mp3 The Infinity Float - The Ultimate Test.mp3 The infinity float - ultimate experiment.mpga http://turbobit.net/siwmltl489gd.html
  2. Hi guys i see that this thread are from few years. I just want to tell, that over 10 years ago i download all (or maybe all) cygnetic tracks, in oryginally low bitrate, from http://www.mp3.com/GOASYNDROME i have atypus, acid squid, flatline and others artists, even not all tracks are at discogs. I can make a list of my tracks, anyone is interested? cheers Marro --edit i start read old cygnetic www. Here http://web.archive.org/web/20021017093943/http://www.cygnetic.com/projects_imperial.htm is wrote about "The Press about Imperial Project: 5/2001 Magazyn Internetowy WWW with TECHNO-SHIVA MP3 CD (also on this CD: Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom, Divinorum, Battle of the Future Buddhas)" i have this magazine and CD (i'm from poland), this is polish magazine
  3. ahhhh noo..... probably i made mistake, becouse my english is not good enough. I mean "my unknown track" thats mean i have to identify this unknown recorded from radio. I dont made this track cheers
  4. hey hihihi, its my unknown track, that i posted on discogs . Thanks psyhoe for interest with this. Here is full track, not sample: http://www.zshare.net/audio/623580051f352f86 /2:49 it's just polish word from radio/
  5. Thanks for helping. Anyway i check almost all his discography and projects: Eon Project - Brain Filter track: Eon Project - The warlock (soul stealer mix) Cyberkrist / Equilium - Crossworld Element Over Nature - Cyber Reality Syb Unity Nettwerk - The Space Puppy Syb Unity Nettwerk - Tripperspaced / Trip To Dimension Syb Unity Nettwerk - Cosmo Shiva / Lost World Odds Faithealers: tracks - New Breed, Sacred Hearts without: Element Over Nature - Millennium Surface and Faithealers - Optical Dreams EP ....and nothing. But i think eon project is good clue. I'll check some similar artists Cheers
  6. Uh, i have another 1 track to ID. Like before, i've record it circa 2000. I think its some psychedelic trance with progressive/industrial (?) link to listen http://www.zshare.net/audio/5983536419636672/ http://rghost.ru/202358 or http://www.speedyshare.com/256325583.html ANY sugesstions are welcome, even more correct classification of genre. Cheers
  7. Hi I've record this track circa 2000. http://rghost.ru/229104 or http://www.speedyshare.com/483937648.html ANY sugesstions are welcome. Cheers. --------------------------------=== E D I T ===------------------------------ Ok, track is founded. This is Laughing Buddha - Tapu, 1997
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