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  1. 18 hours ago, AstralSphinx said:


    Once again big thanks! This is great stuff to learn from, straight From the Source, together with the BPM and Key available on Beatport.com :) 

    Btw speaking of BPM for Goa Trance these days, what do you guys reckon, is 150 BPM as some of the Dimension 5 tracks are in, a good tempo for todays listener/dance floors etc? I have no clue what BPM ranges people are in these days. 150 seems to be very energetic indeed and I quite like it. Gives a good rush, but I remember that atleast the Neo Goa in the 2000's was a bit slower in comparison, 138/146 bpm ish. And also of course some of the Old School was a bit slower as well sometimes, Sheyba etc.

    I produce 142-150 but rarely play bellow 145, I just don't feel it :D

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  2. On 5/30/2021 at 10:01 AM, psychedelic chipmunk said:

    Ok? How does composing / producing relate to politics? If you're out of steam or feel burned out, just say so, it's fine. I don't buy this "oh y'all are just sticking your head in the sand, so how about I stop making music to show how upset I am with you.." Thanks, Mom, I guess.


    'Hey guys, Imba is war criminal because he is from Serbia so I can't make music anymore because you are still listening to his music and book him for your parties, so you are war criminal too and this scene is supporting that'

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  3. On 5/29/2021 at 6:13 PM, AstralSphinx said:

    mad cool, did you recreate by ear or from official midis? kinda sick that they put the notes on the same time the kick hits? And without sidechain I would assume. :D 

    Hmm makes sense! Since they often programmed the bass patterns directly in the synthesizers onboard sequencer, SH-101/MC-202/TB-303 etc.

    Hmm pt2 now I realized they programmed the velocity values as well so must be inside daw they did it then? :) 


    I did not, some were recreated by our own Padmapani and rest I got from original projects from artists to remix :)

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  4. On 2/26/2021 at 5:54 AM, Tsotsi said:

    Actually this is a great idea, imagine if we meme'd NHJO into Youtube's algorithms



    He is so abviously too happy about this idea he licks you over the monitor!



  5. I always liked to compare building a house with building/making of a track.


    First you need to find suitable ground/idea, you have to make good and strong foundations with good structural integrity. When you start overloading it with other building materials it needs to stand still or it will fall apart. I imagine bassline as concrete foundations and kicks as concrete pillars, very 2 elements which have to hold everything in place in one huge piece. And then you add layer by layer, just like bricks until you get walls of sound! And if you didn't pick/make right bricks from the beggining, and you didn't place them well, your wall will look ugly and will probably have holes in it (read: sound synthesis). Then you have percussions in top which should remain strong, just like roof so it doesn't collapse.

    Last thing is facade/mix. If you done previous things right that should be easy without too much effort and you get your house beautiful and very much functional. Just like your track, does it looks/sounds good? Yes!

    If you miss some of steps in building you will have weak and unstable thing, full of holes and crooked walls. Would you like to live in such house or you will try to fix it and polish it?


    3 hours ago, recursion loop said:

    Production quality can't be a bad thing per se. When the mix is good, everything is loud and clear, the kick and the bass are in perfect alignment, each sound is perfectly polished, the listening experience will be much better - the track will sound equally great in a club, in a hi fi sysetm at home, or even in earbuds plugged into a smartphone.


    Thing is that the current production quality standards requre that the sound-engineer mindset must dominate over the musician/arranger mindset. I think that's why there's so many perfectly produced but boring psytrance tracks these days - they are made by people who know how to make perfect mixes but either don't care much about the musical content or make some compromises in this aspect to make the tracks mixable better. E.g. when you have a melody that requires a lot of key changes in the bassline, or a lead with a lots of automation/realtime knob tweaking with harmonic content radically changing along the way and wild resonances randomly popping out, that will be very challenging to mix, especially if you want your track mastered loud (and you want this if you want your music to be accepted by a known label) - so you will likely leave this out and use sounds that are less tricky to process and mix and simpler harmonies that don't make a nightmare out of the bass processing. Also less layers overall, because less sounds = less frequency conflicts, less volume buildups and other "undesirable" things like that.

    What he said!

    Take 90s Goa hits, Teleport, Mahadeva... they are not super complex. Their complexity is simplicity. They made huuuuuge sound with just few layers!

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  6. You can't compare Goa scene with Psy scene, first because of the size of it. Second because the quality of it. We in Goa don't have that amount of money for marketing but could improve quality, with quality probably more gigs and sales, then more money to invest into marketing but not gonna happen anyway... because Goa Illuminati!


    If it's up to me but it's not, quality like new Cosmic Dimension and nothing less is the only way forward. The most finished/complete album in Goa for last decade aaaaand that's just some Imba's opinion... and then there is his opinion, and his and his and hers and we are just opinioning each others instead of doing something :lol: 


    Anyway if you didn't, check the album - 2k views in just 2 days:



    And yeah Astrix is daddy, he always was and always will. Because he know how to make proper music in proper time!

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  7. On 1/3/2021 at 6:21 PM, RTP said:

    Hi ... so here's an update: I now have both of the ways that you suggested to me :)

    I have decided to upgrade my computer's audio with the active speakers ... so there's now the old amp in the other room with the traditional HiFi system and the active speakers on the PC.

    It's a pair of Behringer Truth B2031A and an M-Audio BX10s woofer.

    Not cheap, but first I bought them used and second I decided to invest a chunk of the money I had reserved for the compilation project - which is currently not happening anyways.

    The active system is brilliant. I never heard a sound this clear on any audio system I owned previously. Only "problem" I have with it is: I am now at 12% volume and the walls shake. You can bet the neighbors gonna come over in no time if I continue like that :D


    Quite investment, now you have studio sound quaility!

  8. Can't judge guys who didn't make specific style in decade or more. Sometimes I don't make music for half year and much thing I forget, much things change in short period.

    Roy, BOTFB and Shakta are my favorites.


    Xenomorph composed great one with terrible mixing. Is it because of lack of knowledge or proper gear? Or he just forgot how to, anyway he was never into clean production so...

    Astrals... more trancy than goa, artists choice. Judge it after you hear it and feel it on dancefloor!

    MFG took few decades old track and finelly polished it to fit 2020s

    RA would be perfect with more balanced mix over layers, bass and percs are too loud. Track as idea is great!

    Oforia deliever sound that could fit everyones taste on todays festival, mixture of everything yet Goa.



    It's strange indeed because of all these styles but it's great to see all these names with their own vision of how Goa should sound today. I know some of guys were hugely impacted by some of festivals in last years and decided to change their style or update it... I remember Battle of Future Buddhas told me 'I don't want to make dark shit anymore' which he proved in this compilation. RA was satisfed with how some new Goa sound on dancefloor in Apsara, and now you can hear he tried that.


    And I am happy for that, I don't want to listen 20+ years of same sound over and over, this is unexpected but refreshing :)

  9. 14 hours ago, RTP said:

    Thanks @Imba for the hint with the capacitors ... I am not very experienced with this though (2 EUR per piece is cool, but I can't solder) - and I don't need the lot of power on the amp, neighbors don't like it anyway. If the sound ever started lacking in quality, I'll look there though.

    Smaller capacitors here cost 1cent to 1euro, bigger can be bit more expansive. Soldering is not rocket science but yeah, you need some skills. Without them you can destroy print.


    Just open housing of the amp and inspect them. You don't wanna have some blown and all that acid on print :D

  10. On 9/7/2020 at 6:35 PM, RTP said:

    Did it :D ... bought a Technics "HiFi system" with amp, tape deck, turntable and speakers.
    Speakers: SB-CS7
    Amp: SU-X955
    Turntable was SL-J110R ... but I'll put that one in storage, I have already a turntable

    there also is a receiver but I don't need it...

    Unfortunately it has no CD player - that hurts :( ... I hooked up my old DVD player and it's ok for now ... may still buy a CD player though.

    I checked on the web before the purchase and people (audiophiles) were saying it's not a "second coming" of a system, but it's proper and nice old stuff ... and when audio people say that, I knew it was a good decision.
    And in comparison to my former thing it's really great! I always thought "nah, don't need a new system, only will have problems with the neighbors" -- but a point that I was not thinking about is, how good it also sounds on low volume...
    Also the tape sound quality is really good ... unfortunately I have only 1 psy tape :P


    Beware that SU-X955 is old thing but if capacitors werent replaced they should. My 80s Phillips HiFi was on half power, when I replaced all capacitors and resoldered everything it was full power again. Maybe previous owner done that but again...


    They can also look normal but after 30 years they are dry af :D Open the SU-X955 housing and visual inspect them. If they look like this, they are pretty bad.


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  11. On 9/3/2020 at 3:00 PM, MikroMakro said:

    I spotted someone talking about KbBB line sounding fat all through the track.. oddly enough this track does fairly well in that regard.. I made it from start to end in 12 hours 8AM - 8PM then released it on YT. It won't win any awards for musical progression/slickest production/cleanest modern mix (it was meant to be Goa esque / early 2000's inspired after all) / but it is decent for a 1/2 days work.. the concept included listening love of proto Goa track "The Overlords - Sundown" - it is not really based on this but the simple production of it somehow influenced it.. For your info Zebra 2 did bass for this one....why ? Nothing more than I got a usable bass sound fastest.

    MiKroMaKro_Something From Nothing_link valid for 7 days



    Now you just need to put bassline down for 2-3dB, and lowcut it higher (cut at key frequency with 30dB sloper or more). It's too subby and eats too much of the mix. Track have potential indeed, I am here if you need any help !

  12. On 9/2/2020 at 1:38 PM, AstralSphinx said:

    I have noticed this a lot lately when revisting/listening to old school 90's goa, that the kick and bass will often sound very fat and clear at their own before the often densely layered melodic channels are introduced. Not that it bothers me, but it makes me wonder, if it's an inevitable drawback of having lots of melodic layers, that might obscure the click part of the kick and the the top of the bassline? Or if that's not an issue anymore with todays production techniques? 


    You didn't have tools back then or they were really expansive. Today it's easy to do it with EQ or dynamic EQ to put down specific frequency ranges, automate as you like. Some of them used different technic and one example is Dimension 5. In very melodic parts they added click sample over kick, at 2.08 click comes in:



    MWNN has best production in Goa scene in 90s, he managed to have his kicks and bass flat and steady. If attack on kick isnt fast enough, he used longer subby ones 1/8 and put them louder few decibels than they should be. Few examples: Lunar Cycle, Low Commotion, Neuro Tunnel, Dawn Chorus... Then you had in Moonracker remix metalic kick similiar to one from Gnocchi by Miranda.


    Cydonia - Shambala, Infinity Project - Superbooster all enginered by MWNN. Early Miranda stuff all by Dan Larsson (Electronic Dreamplanet) :))


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  13. 2 hours ago, MikroMakro said:

    A bit more response.. Recursive I would say there is no set standard.. it could range from £500.00 studio monitors to £15,000.00 + of studio monitors, I heard Tristan say in a video he also has an actual PA system to test his tracks on... 


    From what I heard/know, our serbian musical pride - Talpa has worked so many years on  table in living room on KRK 6 which he sold. And after he complained that he will buy another KRK because he is used and perfected on them. Only last year he managed to finish and move to studio, I think those are KRK 8 now:




    3 hours ago, MikroMakro said:

    the room can be of various sizes and as far as I see online rather different levels of acoustic treatment from professional to  a more humble treatment.


    Last year I also 'made' my studio. All panels were DIY and thankfuly to Colin OOOD who gave me various tutorials on that, I was able to save loads of money, to make them look good and have good use! Lets say it costed me 60-70% less from finished product prices - I saved enough to buy monitors, lights and rest fancy stuff. Room is 4x3m, superchunk basstraps in all corners plus flat traps on first reflection points (above head too) and rest filled with pyramidal foam to collect more mids and higs. Luckily in this room i have wood paneling ceilings filled with glasswool which extra isolation. Hairy and heavy carpet which is also big plus. All in all, huge game changer for around 500-600 euro. 1/3 of room is completely isolated. It's very acoustic and in same way I can make music non stop full power without disturbing anyone in other rooms or outside house! Some photos before decoration and with:






    3 hours ago, MikroMakro said:

    PS I like your track Golden Times, great name as well.


    Now compare that sound/mixdown to Imba - Liberation which was made/mixed in this studio after. Or with any new releases in future :)

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