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  1. this is my 1st go at a psychill mix. download here(right click) 1. SeaMoon - Pink Elephants 2. NüTao - Cerro Nevado 3. Radioactive Sandwich - Chongo 4. Globular - Colours Of The Brainbow 5. Perfect Blind - Nimbus Cloud 6. ShizoLizer Gin - Sweet Dino 7. Logical Elements - The 7th Dimension 8. Paranormal Activity - Zähflüssig 9. Disia - Slow Way To Chasm 10. Unusual Cosmic Process - Weightlessness 11. Unusual Cosmic Process - Cosmic Harmony
  2. prog psy mix download here(right click) Aerospace-Re Entry Moses-Trukket I Lyden (N.A.S.A. Remix) Liquid Soul-Perfect Day (Normalize Remix) Sirion-Science And Faith (Elegy Remix) Eardrop-THC Ritmo-Music From Heaven (Gaudium Remix) Aerospace-Mega Pop Kit Zarma-Floating In Wonderland Tomi Zlott-Empty New Age Hippies-Return Hanzo-Follow Me Aerospace-Computer Music (Mindwave Remix) Ace Ventura-Rebirth (Loud Part 1 Remix) Erotic Dream-The Last Drop Aqualize-Land Of 2 Suns (Liquid Space Remix)
  3. need some help, im looking for 80s psy remixes. can some1 help me out?
  4. fuck i love ur mixes and ur tracks! it some dope shit. thank u!!!!
  5. i like the tracks but u didnt really mix anything. it was fade out -fade in. very disappointing
  6. dam that track is way dope. i want to hear the whole cd!!! ive heard psy dnb b4 but not this good!!!!!
  7. this is more like minimal techno/ tech house
  8. i was wondering if any 1 could help me out. i am looking for some psy tech. can any 1help me w/ some producers/dj? thanks
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