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  1. thank u Ormion, yeah i had alot of fun doing that track maybe i will do a cd release if there is enough interest but its expensive when u independent/unsigned i will release artwork etc (some is on insaneacyde facebook page already) for each track and high quality mp3's and ogg versions still looking for a good place to dump the data thats easy for people to download from if say 100+ people want hard copies i will definately print a limited edition
  2. wow dude thanx for mentioning me with praise! i am real happy now :posford: maybe u will enjoy my new upcoming FREE downloadable album called Alternative Medicine coming towards the end of the month. Now that i found this place again i will keep u updated for its release. Dont worry, just because its free doesnt mean its inferior to my last released stuff (in fact i have spent much more time, sweat and tears on these tracks)
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