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  1. That ones pretty cool... haha. Listening to it right now. (What can I say, I like it. Geez) Made by some random guy. No idea if he used other songs or not. Just sort of playing it. Maybe it's something you're looking for.
  2. IM for me was the first Psytrance band I got to listen to. I loved them. Still listen to their songs every now and then. But I like more old school Psytrance, myself. Whenever I listen to a band, I always seem to go for their older tracks... I never liked B.P. that much, Vicious Delicious was a really good album (Don't know if it was just me or not, but I felt like they should have just took Artillery out of the whole damn thing. Doesn't fit at all.) The Gathering was pretty good also... Over all, I've moved out of it. I think most people at some point liked IM, then moved on to other Psytrance bands.
  3. Ecstasy of revelations is a really good song in my book, so was Kick The Bass. Crazy stuff to listen with Bass Speakers bigger then 2 of you. As for Melodrama. I feel it to be not as good as their other album- Wise Cracks. Their song with X-noiZe was just awesome. But! The song Funky will never, ever leave my list of the most amazing songs ever made.
  4. Meteor (Remake 2008) by Electric Universe. I must say, Electric Universe is pretty cool. I like how they add a nice amount of rock without killing their songs.
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