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  1. yaaaayyy!!! of course like that project so much
  2. ok also very easy one (as all the time )
  3. thx but manmademan was here already once or twice
  4. manmademan? maybe not but LOGICALLY IT'S VERY CLOSE ANSWER
  5. yes of course !!! sry if it was. but what was THIS?
  6. WHAT A SHAME THAT THERE WAS NO PICTURE LIKE THIS HERE YET !!! i think that it's the best picture for this, DON'T YOU ? :rolleyes: p.s. the easiest one!!
  7. WHAT AN AWESOME GAME !!! :rolleyes: let me also try :"> a veeeeerrrrrrryyy veerrryyy EASIEST one!
  8. plz help anyone who know which mantra are the words from track n.4 "Ineffable Mysteries" at the beginning from ?? i mean vocal like: Ga ma dha pa pa dhaa pa ma pa dha Ri ga ma pa dha pa dha ma paa dhu Ri ga ma pa ma dhu ma dhi sa Does anyone know which mantra is it?? need help!
  9. აუ შენც აქ ხარ? ))))

  10. აუ შენც აქ ხარ? ))))

  11. აუ შენც აქ ხარ? ))))

  12. it's called Dr.Snuggles Dilemma or... it has also this variation of Dr.Snugglis Dilemma its from project Von Aum and the same little blue man so it can be this variations: Von Aum - Dr.Snugglis Dilemma Von Aum - Dr.Snuggles Dilemma Little Blue Man - Dr.Snugglis Dilemma Little Blue Man - Dr.Snuggles Dilemma so if someone has this track plz heelppp soos I WANT THIS TRACK MUCH
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