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  1. EP - Meteor Burn - Equalized Bass Artist: Meteor Burn Title: Equalized Bass Label: Blind Noise Records Genre: Dark Psy Trance Date: N/A Mastering: Meteor Burn Lab Distribution: Digital(Flac,mp3) BeatsDigital and other sites for digital download cover: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=263480606&albumID=194215&imageID=20874139 web: Blind Noise Records : http://www.myspace.com/blindnoiserecords Meteor Burn : http://www.myspace.com/meteorburn Meteor Burn Lab : http://www.meteorburnlabs.webs.com Track List: 1.MeteorBurn - Automatic Weapon (8:42 min) 154bpm 2.MeteorBurn - Equalized Bass (8:12 min) 154 bpm 3.MeteorBurn - The Media (8:59 min) 154 bpm Meteor Burn bio: Behind Meteorburn project are Sérgio Chaves and Alexandre Ribeiro. Both electronic music lovers,they met in such an event in 2001, being influenced by the unique environment in such events and sharing countless experiences together until 2006. After those five years, they decided to combine forces to create Meteorburn Project, which has been rapidly given oportunity to divulge the project to friends, playing at private parties. Rapidly their productions have traveled around the world, and given the possibility to be featured in some of the most renowned world record labels,like Geomagnetic.tv, Sin Records,Goa Rec, Spliff Music, Digital Drugs Coalition, etc. With the technique acquired throughout this time, they've embraced audio masterization in their activities,having worked for well known labels like Spun Records, Geomagnetic.tv, Goa Records, Caffix Rec,amongst many others. Together they deliver a performance filled with strong beats, alucinating rithms and voyages, always non stop!. They finish 2009 signing for one of the most renowned party promoters in Portugal, Crystal Matrix!
  2. at last wav and mp3 on megaupload,enjoy dark peoples MP3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NVKA482N WAV http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LI94QSI5
  3. VA - Inter Venom [OUT NOW] here a link: http://rapidshare.com/files/306343367/VA_-_Inter_Venom__Compiled_by_Nino_KanibaL_HolokausT__BlindNoise_Records_2009.rar Enjoy BlindNoise Records & Nino aka KanibaL HolokausT.
  4. BLIND NOISE RECORDS PRESENT: VA - Inter Venom [Compiled by Nino KanibaL HolokausT] "Inter Venom" is Blind Noise Records newest release with well selected dark, ambient, psytrance tracks which will rip through the dancefloors all over the world. We are proud to present you some high powered solid state dancefloor blasters from some well known artists such as. compiled by Nino aka KanibaL HolokausT, the cd contain 10 previously unrealesed tracks from top darkpsy artists and some new talents as well from all around the globe. This one will for sure shake the ground of experienced dancefloor all around the world, preparing us for the year to come. enjoy & play loud!!! ID: BNFREE003 Artist: VA Name: Inter Venom Label: Blind Noise Records Genre: Dark Psychedelic Trance Release Date: November 2009 Artwork by: Ana Bracic [PuppetPlay] Format: mp3,wav Length: 68:02 Compiled by: Nino aka KanibaL HolokausT [serbia] front cover preview: http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/788/aga1h.jpg TRACKLiST: 1. Saluberrimae - Chillin sound of India 2. Fabian Kempe Möter MaXaW - Lite Mer Än En 3. Odium32 - Inter Venom 4. Trimada - The Fallen 5. eniChkin - Allmighty 6. KanibaL HolokausT - Sacramenatal ceremony 7. Haunted Castle - DaFTenizeD 8. Freq Trik & Gorump Peyya - Flipping Out 9. Psychoz - Volume of sacred law [rmx] 10. Tarek Mansur - A way To Forget [Outro] Artwork by: Ana Bracic [PuppetPlay] Distributed by the internet For more info, please visit: http://www.myspace.com/kanibalholokaust [Nino, KanibaL HolokausT] http://www.myspace.com/blindnoiserecords [blindNoise Records]
  5. Human Transmutacion Circle - Dancing Mad EP Artist: Human Transmutacion Circle (HTC) Title: Dancing Msd Label: Blind Noise Records Genre: Night Full On Date: N/A Artwork: Branko Loncar Mastering: Jesus Raves Distribution: Digital(Flac,mp3) Covers: Front: http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/1002/coverfronta.jpg Back: http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/2245/coverback.jpg BIO: Human Transmutation Circle (HTC) Project is a duo of Aljosha Leksa aka Substructure and Paradjina Goran aka Versi.Two young still unexperianced artists came to an idea via "myspace" to make some psy together.Then as we saw that we are going pretty well working together,decided to make collaboration project.Goran Paradjina borned November 14,1989 and Aljosha Leksa borned February 7, 1988. Track List: 1.Human Transmutacion Circle - Inquisitor 146 bpm (7:56) 2.Human Transmutacion Circle - Mad Anger 146 bpm (7:20) 3.Human Transmutacion Circle - Master of Disaster 146 bpm (8:56) WEB: blind noise records : www.myspace.com/blindnoiserecords Human Transmutacion Circle : www.myspace.com/htc51 Jesus Raves : www.myspace.com/projectjesusraves Cover Art : dj.istar@yahoo.com
  6. OUT NOW OUT NOW OUT NOW OUT NOW you can buy this EP on: http://www.beatsdigital.com/label/6216 Artist: Zero Blade Title: Label: Blind Noise Records Genre: Dark Psytrance Date: 8.6.2008 Mastering: Jesus Raves Format: mp3,wav Covers By Zero Blade About Zero Blade : Zero-Blade "The man behing the Zero-Blade project is Kristiyan Karev from Bulgaria. His production is mostly into the heavier psychedelic night sound, but also does industrial, dark/ambient, chill, downtempo and other types of music. His favourite style of production is heavy psychotic sound, with lots of leads and fx, heavy basslines and wierd ambiences. The project Zero-Blade was born in 2004, after being a fan of the darker style of psytrance for more than 6 years. The hunger for more psychotic music drove him to the experimental side of music creation." About EP : "Every single one of us is bound to the material world through our bodies, but every one of us also exists in his own world, space and time. We are all parts of the universe and yet, together, we form one whole. Together, we form the world of insanity, the world in which nothing is impossible. Together, we are one." Track List : 01. Zero-Blade - False Reality 02. Zero-Blade - Sanity Destruction 03. Zero-Blade vs. Wicked Spirit - No Mercy also you can check our other releases ON: http://www.beatsdigital.com/label/6216 Blood Clot - Holographic Universe EP (Dark Psy) Paratech - Time to Play (Full On) Babaroga On Droga - Bad Slow Story (Dark Psy)
  7. check samples on our myspace page!!!!! www.myspace.com/blindnoiserecords
  8. Paratech - Time To Play EP OUT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you can download prewievs mp3 of this ep!!!!!!!! http://www.sendspace.com/file/lhukr3 and buy wav on beatsdigital.com: http://www.beatsdigital.com/label/6216
  9. hello,you can check samples of this talented artist www.myspace.com/blindnoiserecords
  10. Blind Noise Rec going to release full on style,ofcourse we dont stop to release dark psy,and first release is from wery good artits from greece,this ep have 3 great tracks whit powerful bass and great melodies,CHECK IT !!!!!!! Here info: EP – Paratech – Time To Play Artist: Paratech Title: Time To Play Label: Blind Noise Records Genre: Full On Date: N/A Artwork: by Sick Noise Mastering: Jesus Raves Distribution: Digital(Flac,mp3) About of artist: Paratech is a project of a talented artist from Greece Bill Mavroidis. After many years of produce expirience (producing music since 1999) and experience from other music productions (upliftin trance, progresive & goa) and some dj set's and many trial productions at home studio he started the project Paratech at 2003 with full-on style and starts to play his new fresh music at his first live performances at Samothraki, Aurora festival 2008 and some parties here in Athens. Paratech is a most promising project and his style identify power basslines, loud kicks and magical leads... ..enjoy the trip.. myspace of artist; http://www.myspace.com/paratechmusic Covers: coming soon web: Label : Blind Noise Records : http://www.myspace.com/blindnoiserecords Mastering : Jesus Raves : http://www.myspace.com/projectjesusraves ARTIST: Paratech : http://www.myspace.com/paratechmusic Artwork:Sick Noise : http://www.myspace.com/sicknoiseserbia Track List : 1.Paratech - Water Temple (145bpm) 2.Paratech - High Groove (146bpm) 3.Paratech - Time To Play (146bpm) MORE INFO SOON
  11. hello guys again,you can buy this release on this shop!!!! http://www.distelectronic.com/index.php?la...+Noise+Records/ FLAC http://www.distelectronic.com/index.php?al...w+Story+(FLAC)/ MP3 (320kbs) http://www.distelectronic.com/index.php?al...tory+(MP3+320)/
  12. hello peoples,here a back cover http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll29/Iv...ckCOVERcopy.jpg
  13. hello peoples,here a final info of this ep,this EP is finaly OUT so this is OUT NOW!!!OUT NOW!!!OUT NOW!!! YOU CAN BUY THIS EP ON BEATDIGITAL FOR NOW LINK: http://www.beatsdigital.com/label/6216 you can check samples on link of BEATSDIGITAL and on this links www.myspace.com/blindnoiserecords www.myspace.com/babarogamusic Hera again info: Artist: Babaroga On Droga Title: Bad Slow Story Label: Blind Noise Records Genre: Dark Psytrance Date: N/A Artwork: Coming Soon Mastering: Jesus Raves Distribution: Digital(Flac,mp3) COVERS: Front Cover: http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll29/Iv...owStoryFron.png Back Cover: http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll29/Iv...owStoryBeck.png web: Label : Blind Noise Records : www.myspace.com/blindnoiserecords Mastering : Jesus Raves : www.myspace.com/projectjesusraves Artist: Babaroga On Droga : www.myspace.com/babarogaondroga ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Project: Babaroga on Droga is the side project of Ivan Tasevski(Sick noise); this project is based on a dark sound too, but whith very slow bpm 145-148 bpm; beside dark ambience and deep bases in the songs of this project we can find melodies too, but composed in a dark stile. The origine of the name of the project is very interesting, it has got it’s name from famous serbian fairy tale and legend and it’s caracter called Babaroga. Babaroga is a fictional caracter used to scare children and she looks like a witch. Obviously it’s all fantasy, no a reality. Word ON is an english word, preposition, and of course the word droga means drugs, so you can only imagine one stoned witch hahahaha… this title Is made of one joke and because of the fact that in serbian language this words are in rime. This project is made in the end of 2008, but for the next 2009 year there is the first project to be published by Blind Noise Records. Myspace Link Of Project: www.myspace.com/babarogaondroga -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About EP: This is the first edition of the project Babaroga on droga which is made of 3 songs that represent a dark story happening In a fantastic and mistic place called Tatatatira. This is the first part of EP which is to be published in two parts. The first will be published in the begining of the 2009 and the second in the end of 2009. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Of EP: Behind all dimensions, little parts of the world there is a place like a desert which a human eye cannot see. This place is a desert, but not completely a desert but a place in which live Tatatatirci, and this place is called Tatatatira. A human eye can’t see it because it’s speed is so strong and big. One boy lives in that world. His name is Sicmiric, and he is unique because of one of his caracteristics: all he can hear is music, but from one world, the Earth; he hears all the things that happen in our world and in all this 3 songs his story is represented. It is his view to our world, to a life in the Earth. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRACKS: 1.Babaroga On Droga - Watching From Another Dimension - 145 bpm 2.Babaroga On Droga - Similar World - 145 bpm 3.Babaroga On Droga - I Watching Over Music - 148 bpm
  14. EP – Blood Clot – Holographic Universe Artist: Blood Clot Title: Holographic Universe Label: Blind Noise Records Genre: Dark Psytrance Date: N/A Artwork: by Sick Noise Mastering: Jesus Raves Distribution: Digital(Flac,mp3) Covers: Front Cover: http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll29/Iv.../FRONTCOVER.png Back Cover : coming soon web: Label : Blind Noise Records : www.myspace.com/blindnoiserecords Mastering : Jesus Raves : www.myspace.com/projectjesusraves ARTIST: BLOOD CLOT : www.myspace.com/bloodcl0t Artwork:Sick Noise : www.myspace.com/sicknoiseserbia Track List : 1. Blood Clot – Holographic Universe 150 BPM 2. Blood Clot – Quantum Mechanics 154 BPM 3. Blood Clot – Lucid Activity 150 BPM About Project (artits BIO): Blood Clot Bio – Blood Clot is Nader Balooch from Mumbai, India. Having grown up listening to different genres of trance and finally evolving to psychedelic trance, he began the learning process of making psy sounds in 2005. With the help of a lot of friends online from different countries, he steadily began writing psy trance and is exploring it as a hobby. Most of his inspiration relies on old school tracks and collaborating with others to keep himself in the learning process. EP Info : Inspired by numerous writings that the world we live in is partly a construction of the human mind. This music dabbles and flows with the different realms we cannot make worldly sense of and explores the darker side of trance. MORE INFO SOON
  15. hey peoples,mastering is finished,EP is OUT for few next days,boooom samples here www.myspace.com/babarogamusic www.myspace.com/blindnoiserecords
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