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  1. 26 August.. So that's been more than two weeks now. I'll contact him in the end of next week if nothing has happened. So sad :/
  2. He said he's sorry but his website has been a mess, and I won't receive the Astrix album. He told me he'd refund me the money and send me another album as a compensation. He hopes I will like it. Too bad about that :/
  3. Haha! Well he wrote to me almost five weeks ago that it had been mailed and that I should expect it any day. That's what he said yes, but it might be he did not send it, yeah... :/
  4. No what the hell is taking it so long!? In two days it's been five weeks. If I haven't got it by Friday I'm going to mail him.
  5. Amazing tune indeed. Especially in the beginning. So lame he doesn't play on drums and bass in the first tune there ... Grrr! Utopia records and Spade music are my love drug!
  6. Hi again. I've got two more tracks I'd love to see identified. http://rapidshare.com/files/136549737/06_Sang_6.wma.html http://rapidshare.com/files/136549738/07_Sang_7.wma.html Let me know if you want it uploaded differently. Thank you in advance.
  7. Yay! About time I got back my money. They're back on my account again ^^. I'm very happy. I'm still waiting for the Astrix album though. I think it's been two weeks since he said it was under day. Damn... Perhaps it's being send by submarine...
  8. Erh... No. He promised me he's working on it, and that I will have the refund. It's been a week or more now and I still haven't received the refund nor heard from him. At any rate I'd like to thank all you guys for supporting me. Was a great back-up when I thought I had lost all the money. So thank you all! You've all been a great help.
  9. Haha what the fuck! That was fast. You rock dude! :posford: Thank you -N-2-O-
  10. http://rapidshare.com/files/130071980/08_Sang_8.wma.html Would be cool if someone could help me find out who the artist are and what it's called. Let me know if you want it uploaded differently.
  11. eer.... Well as for me I cancelled all business with Kremboshop, and thus requested to have rest of the money refunded. A week later or so he wrote to me he had received the cancellation, and that the mistaken charge had been sent to the card company. He said I should have them in a few days. He said he'd also take care of refunding the money from both Vibe Tribe albums. It's been four days since that mail, and I haven't received any money yet. So.... I've written him. Again.
  12. He promised me I'd have back my money in 3-4 days. 4 days have passed and I've not seen the sight of them yet, nor has he mailed me back with an answer. So I've just written him that I don't wish to do further business with him, and that I'd like the total value of both Vibe Tribe albums refunded.
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