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  1. Once again a question about an artist has the "elite psyers" (what a crack up) bagging a perfectly good artist. They would cream their pants to have just the talent he has in his right pinky finger. I think Skazi has his own definite style. The "I wish" remix he does as his opening track on teh BPM FM set he did blew me away when I first heard it, as I knew the original well and had heard nothing of Skazi (i was under a mushroom somewhere). The excitement wore off pretty quick, but he knows how to find hooks and use them. Yeah you can argue trance is not about hooks but you can get out of the 90's anytime you like. Its over. The people have gone to the next party because the old sound had been played to much, and now 90's "psy"trance (goa whateva) thesedays sounds much more to me like one of the "Hard Trance" presets on one of my modern synths. But I find I have a deep respekt for artist like Skazi, Hallucinogen, IM, 1200mics, doof, Ott etc whoo have had the courage to change the scene when it started to get stagnant (if I remember correctly, the old "goa" was dead by the time 2000 came around, (well before for many others). How long are people going to defend the old music and deny embracing the new so that it "doesn't loose its underground roots". The originators of the scene have no fear of that, believe me, because they have already left on a new journey. Full of psychedelic promise and other worldly music, some goes doof doof doof and some doesnt. Anyway get ya jocks off and get in there. Skazi may not be number one but at least he aint stuck in a rut.
  2. I forgot to add anything by Simon Posford Or Shpongle Or Binah Or Hallucinogen Or Younger Brother Or Purple Ohm Or Gumbo Or anything with Simon Posford in it.
  3. So many so just artists in some cases - Simon Posford - eg Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth, Dorset Perception Infected Mushroom Raja Ram SUN Project And Simon Posford. Oh Yeah and Simon Posford
  4. Well, you been listening to the wrong kind then. I reckon Skazi, Electro Sun and SUN Project pull off the best guitar trance. Waddya mean 380volts sux? Its MEANT to be cheesey! Havent you ever felt kinda like the acid hero at sunrise?
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