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  1. Hibernation (Seb Taylor) - Seven Steps From new album "Some Things Never Change"
  2. Have to agree that I Awake and Kritical Audio were the highlights of the album, but I thought the whole album was pretty solid. The styles of music here reminded me of me of my favorite mixed chill album, Chillosophy 3...not a bad thing in my book. 8.5/10
  3. This looks like a potential album of the year, I can't wait :posford:
  4. I rather liked this one, the CBL, Solar Fields and Radiate tracks (Seb Taylor) were most excellent, every other track besides Phutureprimitive was good. Phutureprimitive has done great work in the past but his pop track in this mix feels really out of place.
  5. Loved this one, there were some weird tracks (The Red Water) and some cheesy ones (Unreal) but the rest made up for it. Nice to see a new Capsula track too <3.
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