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  1. The first was "Lull", then came "Twin coast discoverys", then a rmx album of twin coast discoverys called "Twin coast remixes" and now the new album "Wanderes" The style has taken quite a turn on this final album... its more like proggy-electro than the others... I have all 4 and LOVE them all to bits and pieces!
  2. Hi there i realize that this is an old thread im picking up on... But I will have a go anyways. How was the police-control at the entrance last year?? I meen, when did the police start searching people/cars at the entrance? When the festival starts or even before that? I am going to fullmoon for the first time this year. I normally go to Voov (last 5 years) and when going there by car, i usually show up at night, the day before the gates officially open. I alwyas get in with no hazzle, and there are no police/roadblocks yet at that time. I figure, that i will drive to fullmoon, with arrival in the middle of the night between the 25.th and 26.th where the gates officially open up at 10am the 26.th... Anyone from last year that can comment on that? It would be apreciated. (sorry if my english sux)
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