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The Delta - Hero FX (Part 1) / Hero FX (Part 2)

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#1 Guest_Stormbringer_*

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Posted 28 September 2002 - 11:00 AM

The Delta - Hero FX (Part 1) / Hero FX (Part 2)

Artist: The Delta
Title: Hero FX (Part 1) / Hero FX (Part 2)
Label: Boshke Beats
Date: 2002

Track listing:

01. Hero FX (Part 1)
02. Hero FX (Part 2)


The Delta is one of my absolute favourite bands as some of you might know by
now? I feel like a five year old child climbing the heap of presents at
Christmas Eve (we open the gifts the 24th of December here in Sweden) every
time I get my hands on a new release from them! My expectations are almost
unfair to the band but they usually give me what I want so why should I lower
my expectations? "Hero FX" didnīt sound very promising though when I studied
the short soundsamples at http://www.boshkebeats.com so my first thought was
to just buy the damn record and file it among the other Boshke Beats releases.
Itīs a collectors worst nightmare to be forced to buy crap just to get a
complete collection :ī-( At the Arvika festival, http://www.galaxen.se, I
finally got to see The Delta live and when they played "Hero FX" I understood
that this ep isnīt something you can judge just by some poor RA-samples
through your computer speakers!!! Itīs like eating old cold food and comparing
it to freshly made hot food. Itīs unfair!!! I do understand why I didnīt like
this EP at first though... itīs not similar enough to my favourite tracks by
The Delta in any way. I like the epic horror-movie soundrack-feeeling the
tracks "Thing", "Pop", "Standby" and "Def by Delta part 2" gives me. The two
different versions of "Hero FX" (theyīre not that different!) are more similar
to looping Techno than scary horror music and thatīs why I donīt think those
two tracks are among the best ones The Delta has made so far. If yoy feel that
"A+B" and "Fade" are the best tracks from the latest album youīre up for a
real treat... youīre going to dig "Hero FX"!!! Baaaaadly! Both verisons of
"Hero FX" are pounding and stomping techno with lots of atmoshere and that
makes me to wonder if this is the new sound of The Delta or if itīs just
within the perimeters of how they sound. The "Hero FX" EP improves a lot with
every dB you can get from your soundsystem so play it as high as you possibly
can! The energy in this music will be released better beyond 100 dB so keep
busting your stereo to give you all it can manage, you wonīt be dissapointed!
If you wonder why I donīt scan a picture of the record as I usually do... my
copy is a white label from the Boshke Beats competition! I was one of the five
lucky bastards who won :-)

#2 Guest_Fotis Psy_*

Guest_Fotis Psy_*
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Posted 30 September 2002 - 11:00 AM

Nothing special from Delta.Very dissapointed EP...The two versions of hero fx
are almost the same!Of course send in send back was better.

#3 DeathPosture



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Posted 01 October 2002 - 11:00 AM

This does nothing for me... First of all, what's the point of having two SO
similar tracks?... Secondly, I second Stormbringers taste in atmospheric Delta
tracks, and IMO this is too boring... But I guess even masters like The
Delta-guys can do mediocre stuff... 5/10

#4 Guest_Chong_*

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Posted 08 October 2002 - 11:00 AM

Well I was one of the other 5 lucky bastard who won a copy from Boshke. And i
think this 12" is fantastic. They r not that similair at all...both are
brooding, both pwerful trax that stand on all 4s...LOVE it!!!

#5 Mergi


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Posted 12 September 2007 - 02:39 PM

Artist: The Delta
Release: Hero FX
Year: 2002
Label: Boshke Beats
Catalog#: BBS004
Rating: 2/5

This is still, 5 years later, The Deltas latest beast(?). Go ahead and play it loud, but before you could get anywhere near the volume it needs to be played at your speakers will be dead. So yes I'm with stormbringer on this one, this is supposed to be played loud on a large system, not some puny homestereo.

Parts 1 & 2 are almost identical to about 90%. The bassline is not low and rumbling instead it's, quite unlike the delta, a bit middle layered skippedy boppedy and packs no real force at all. That which stands out the most in Part 1 is a very sharp loud and effective whooshing FX noise. I remember listening to this in headphones and I couldn't turn down the volume for some reason, it was loud loud loud! It was literally tearing through my head splitting it in half.

This one is not all too fun listening to at home and I would rather hear it at outdoor parties or festivals with a system that can do it justice.

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