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ShivaShakti - DarkPsy Mix


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Back again with another Dark mix. Hold on tight and have a good journey into the dark realms of Nocturnia. 😄

It is often in the most dark of our time that we can find our true Self.
It is when you touch deep to the bottom of your existence, when you think that nothing could go any worse, when you feel lost and hopeless.
It is in those moments that you might find your inner perpetual fire, that is your Shakti, your inner Mother. She is there for you, to support you, to nurture you, to destroy you and regenerate you once again in a new you, you didn't know it could exist.
Ask Her and She will give your desires in the form She believes you deserve, it is to renew you over and over again.
Human mind is so complicated.
Don't have fear.
Don't deny the pain but surrender to it.
How would you know what happiness is without pain.
How would you know light without darkness.
Life and Death.
What is pain and what is happiness?
Pain is the energy that you can use for inner transformation.
Remember you inner Mother, She is always there for you.

The Delta-Thing
Dark Soho-The 14th
Pondscum-Ode to the Panjari Hymen
Pondscum-Dig it Deep
Penta-Leave a message
Digitalist & Dr. Magnus-Flame in Yall Brain
Imaginary Sight and Atriohm-Imaginary Ohm
Dark Elf-Adam's Night Ride (By Dark Elf And Fractal Error)
Psysex-Free Fluoro; feat Kaiju Gilad Weiss
Azax Syndrome-A Good Day to Die
Derango-Boomorgon RMX
Dohm-Lonely Creatures
Malice In Wonderland-Veil Of Shadows
Xabbu-In the Silence
Drury Nevil-Freaks of the Dark
Nexus-Dark Room
Para Halu-Wecome in the Fututre
Becoming Intense-The Edge Of Forever
Freqtrik-Dream Recycle
Dark Nebula-Orbital Elevator
Red-Laiman Alfa

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