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EXPERIMENT 604 - Goa Trance minimix by Camikazi


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Hi Guys!

I'm a relatively new DJ from South Australia and recently I've been playing around with Goa trance, one of my all time favourite styles of music. This forum has frequently been a source of info and opinions over the years, and is my go-to website for discovering new (and old) psy and Goa albums and tracks. After years of reading through old threads that have assisted in shaping my knowledge and taste in music, I'm finally taking steps to involve myself in the global Goa trance community. I'm hoping to bring appreciation for Goa trance back into my local psytrance community where styles like fullon, prog and darkpsy tend to be most popular (and frankly overplayed imo). 

I've put together a rather short (41 minute) mix which I've designed as a journey through a few different moods. I'd love if you brilliant minds would give it a listen and let me know your thoughts, what I'm doing right and where I can improve :) 

Thank you 💚



Filteria - Filtertraces
Artha - Monkeys
Hypnoxock - Transformation
JaraLuca - Mechanotronic
K.O.B. - Identity Mash
Portamento - A Grain of Sand
Ra - Other Self
Dimension 5 - Caprica

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