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Universo Paralello - Brasil 2022/23



Astrix @ Universo Paralello 2022-23

The crossover from 2022 to 2023 happened for me at the Universo Paralello Festival in Brazil. It was my 4th performance in the festival, the energies were amazing as usual and it was a true tribal experience. The set was filmed, but some of the footage and soundtrack were damaged because of the weather conditions (hot and rainy!) and we couldn't use the outcome as it was. We have learned long ago that when things "go wrong", you shouldn't give up, but remember it is only an invitation to go on a different path, do something you've never done before. So we decided to get more creative minds on board and involve new AI technology to try and salvage the set film. This is the outcome, it is some of what happened on the site, but also things that were inspired by that and re-imagined and who knows, maybe happened in a parallel universe.  I hope you enjoy the trip! Animation and editing by : Hagai assouline (Hagai_Ai) Ori Apkon (Ori in the Sky) fungAi media Andre Friedman @darkroom fx

Astrix has been one of the leading PsyTrance producers & DJs in the world for more than a decade, carrying his musical message of psychedelic emotional uplifting trance to every corner of the world, to huge festivals (EDC, Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Ozora, Universo Paralello, XXXperience), to the biggest urban clubs & underground events. Devoted to his art and a true perfectionist, Astrix is known for his massive hypnotic explosive sets on the dancefloor & for his precise detailed production in the studio. Both always laced with tons of feel & musicality. His music has been topping the charts and his albums are considered milestones.

MP3 File download: https://files.fm/u/5r9nz5y2ja


Burn in Noise - Universo Paralello Festival 2022/23

Brazilian electronic musician Burn In Noise is from Brasilia. Burn In Noise, who focuses on the Psy Trance subgenre, has established a reputation as one of the most creative and gifted artists in the electronic music world. Hard-hitting basslines, sophisticated melodies, and a deep, hypnotic rhythm combine to create his distinctive sound, which keeps his listeners coming back for more.

Burn In Noise has deep roots in the underground music community and has amassed a devoted following of listeners who value his uncompromising approach to music. His talent for fusing many genres and styles has established him as a great innovator in the field of electronic music. Each track in his album takes the listener on a journey through sound and rhythm, making his music both expressive and evocative.

Overall, Burn In Noise is a musician who is pushing the envelope of electronic music, and his distinctive sound is certain to move and enthrall listeners everywhere. Burn In Noise is a musician you shouldn't miss, whether you've been a fan for a while or are just getting started in the realm of electronic music.

MP3 File download: https://files.fm/u/uh4y2kjb53



GroundBass @ Universo Paralello Festival 2022/2023



01. 00:00 INTRO

02. 02:19 Freedom Fighters - Recycled (GroundBass & Tijah Remix)

03. 10:26 Critical Choice - NN (GroundBass Remix)

04. 16:27 Allaby - Hiding To Nothing (GroundBass Remix)

05. 22:29 GroundBass - Adventure Mode

06. 28:15 GroundBass - Lost Paradise

07. 34:12 GroundBass & Major7 - Dream Of Life

08. 40:50 GroundBass - Time Travel

09. 47:20 GroundBass & Synthatic - Horizon

10. 53:28 Mama India Blazy Intro

11. 54:54 Technical Hitch - Mama India (Blazy, GroundBass & Tijah Remix)


Freedom Fighters @ Universo Paralello 2022/23

Israeli electronic music producer Freedom Fighters is well known for his original take on psy trance. Israel's Freedom Fighters, who are from Tel Aviv-Yafo, are well-known in the world of electronic music. Techno, trance, and progressive house are just a few of the electronic music styles that are mixed together in his work.

With his creative use of sound design and production methods, Freedom Fighters has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of electronic music. His frenetic and captivating music makes it tough for his followers to sit motionless. His music creates an immersive and memorable experience with its rich melodies, pulsing basslines, and driving percussion.

Freedom Fighters has established himself as a mainstay in the electronic music scene thanks to his distinctive approach and great talent. He has developed a sizable fan base of listeners who have grown to value his distinctive style and his capacity to produce music that cuts across genres. Freedom Fighters is an album that everyone who enjoys excellent music should listen to, regardless of whether they enjoy electronic music or not.

MP3 File download: https://files.fm/u/cxt6jafymx


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Boom Festival 2023 - Portugal


Photos: https://www.facebook.com/boomfestivalofficialpage/photos/



Killerwatts live @ Boom Festival 2023

Avalon - one of the leading and most in-demand artists in the Psy-Trance scene today, is one of the top headliners at most major psychedelic trance events around the globe and has worked with Tristan, Vini Vici, Astrix, Burn In Noise, Ace Ventura to name a few. His collaboration projects (Killerwatts with DJ Tristan and one album with Sonic Species under his progressive alias ‘Future Frequency’) have also garnered mass appeal. His non-stop world wide touring has seen him playing at the biggest events, including Glastonbury, Ozora, Boom, Tomorrowland, Burning Man, Tribe, Dreamstate, Exit festival, Sunburn, Ultra, Rainbow Serpent, Enchanted Valley Carnival, A state of trance, Symbiosis, Atmosphere, Ministry of Sound, Time and Space, Universo Parallelo, Xxxperience, BAT, Antaris, Freedom, Origin, and the list goes on. He has had releases on major labels also such as spinnin records.

MP3 File download: https://files.fm/u/q2jgz46xtx


Animato @ Boom Festival 2023

Where words fail music speaks. boom festival official 2023 we're committed to awake the world and live in love and we did it! Thank you dear boomers for such a special experience! It was a true genuine moment.

MP3 File download: https://files.fm/u/gjat9bcsz2



Imagine Mars @ Boom Festival 2023

Israeli electronic musician Imagine Mars hails from Tel Aviv-Yafo. Imagine Mars has gained notoriety in the electronic music field by concentrating on the Psy Trance style. Their distinctive fusion of old and new sounds gives their music a passionate and expressive tone.

The music of Imagine Mars skillfully combines the psychedelic and the techno to produce a totally distinctive sound. The listener is taken on a journey through soundscapes and emotions by each of their songs, which each represent a unique experience. Imagine Mars has established itself as a key player in the Psy Trance scene by putting a strong emphasis on complex sound design and a thorough understanding of the genre.

In conclusion, Imagine Mars is a true master of their trade, with a profound love for electronic music and a distinctive sound that sets them apart from the competition. For anyone with an interest in electronic music, their music is a testament to the power of the form.

MP3 File download: https://files.fm/u/2sjpmtqbfk


Lunatica @ Boom Festival 2023

Lunatica is a Spanish electronic music artist who has become well-known in the psy trance genre for their distinctive sound and compelling live performances. Their music is known for its mesmerizing rhythms, psychedelic melodies, and pulsating beats that carry listeners away to another planet.

Techno, trance, ambient, and other electronic music genres are combined in Lunatica's style to provide a dynamic and ethereal sound. Their sound is frequently referred to as otherworldly and has a distinct feeling of mysticism and spirituality in electronic music. The tunes on Lunatica's album are expertly produced to produce a musical environment that is both sophisticated and approachable, displaying the band's fastidious attention to detail and production quality.

Lunatica's love of electronic music is evident in their thoughtful and empathetic songs. Their songs take the listener on an exhilarating and sublime auditory trip as they go through various moods and emotions. Lunatica is positioned to emerge as one of the most interesting artists in the psy trance scene thanks to their distinctive sound and avant-garde approach to electronic music.

MP3 File download: https://files.fm/u/zefq4pdpcs




RADIKAL MOODZ @ Boom Festival 2023

Radikal Moodz is an electronic music group from Toulouse, France, renowned for its dynamic and entrancing sound. Radikal Moodz has made a name for themselves in the world of electronic music by concentrating on the psy trance subgenre.

Their music is distinguished by complex rhythms, throbbing beats, and exotic sounds that take listeners to another realm. Fans of Radikal Moodz are left wanting more as a result of their artist's ability to flawlessly combine many genres and styles.

Radikal Moodz, who draws inspiration from a diverse spectrum of musicians and sounds, approaches electronic music with a new and creative perspective. Every track they produce demonstrates their enthusiasm and commitment to their profession, making them a unique artist in the field of electronic music.

MP3 File download: https://files.fm/u/9daykyjvc3




Astrix @ Boom Festival 2023

Another very special Boom Festival edition. Boom Festival 2023 was even a stronger and deeper experience for me than the previous ones. Hard to believe, I know. Playing a 3 hours set is not something I usually do and it made the tribal journey we took together a deeper one. Again I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to Artur, Mariana, Alfredo and the amazing Boom crew of visionaries for creating this magical space, and most of all to all to you Boomers, who made it happen with your presence and amazing positive vibes - it feels so good to be part of our tribe.

Astrix is a Tel Aviv-Yafo-born artist who plays electronic music. He is well recognized for his contributions to the Psy Trance subgenre. His music is renowned for its distinctive fusion of euphoric and transcendent melodies, driving basslines, and ambient textures.

Astrix's music is well-liked both within and outside of the Psy Trance scene, and he has developed a devoted fan base because to his creative productions and electrifying live shows. Over the course of his more than 20-year career, he has published a number of songs that have gone on to become standards of the genre.

Astrix's music is known for its otherworldly and spiritual themes. His songs frequently incorporate vocal samples and samples from other sources that explore concepts related to consciousness, spirituality, and the human condition. His work is proof of the ability of electronic music to arouse strong emotions and unite listeners from different origins and cultures. Astrix's contributions to the Psy Trance scene have solidified his position as one of the most significant and well-regarded musicians in the genre.

MP3 File download: https://files.fm/u/nzv6ra49nt


Ace Ventura @ Boom Festival 2023

I am happy for the chance to yet again share with you all my Boom Festival 2023 experience, with my full set movie. 3 hours and change which featured some of the best vibes I ever got from a dancefloor, and my personal favorite boom set out of the 8 times I played. A big thanks and lots of love to all Boomers and the Boom team for such powerful & emotional moments ❤

Swiss-born DJ and producer of electronic music is known as Ace Ventura. His preferred musical genre is Psy Trance, which is distinguished by its upbeat and hallucinogenic soundscapes. Ace Ventura is a well-known figure in the Psy Trance scene thanks to his years of experience in the music business.

The distinctive fusion of intense basslines, complex melodies, and ethereal settings that makes up Ace Ventura's music sets it apart from other genres. He is renowned for his capacity to produce captivating and immersive soundscapes that take listeners to different worlds. His music is a flawless fusion of the old and the new, combining elements of traditional trance with cutting-edge production methods.

Overall, Ace Ventura has had a big influence on the Psy Trance scene and is a very accomplished musician and producer. His music serves as a monument to his commitment and love for what he does, and his ability to construct transcendental soundscapes has made him a household name with followers all over the world.

MP3 File download: https://files.fm/u/d5ex8aq4he




Dj Thatha @ Boom Festival 2023

DJ Thatha / Altruism Live (Nano Records) Thatha is considered as one the top Djs in the world, she puts all her love into her music and it’s shown by the crowd’s respect and affection. Also her Dj sets are mixed with a lot of harmony and versatility allied to a very good technic, she’s able to take the dancefloor where she wants with her charm and lightness. After some time her career as DJ was driven into a new goal, the music production. Her music was taking shape and she created her Live act “Altruism”. Thatha / Altruism has performed at some of the best festivals in the world, such as: Boom Festival (Portugal), Ozora Festival (Hungary), Neverland Festival (Israel), Vuuv Festival (Germany), Universo Paralello (Brasil), Fusion Festival (Germany), Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Origin (South Africa), Vortex Festival (South Africa), Maitreya Festival (Australia), Green Magic (Japan), Poison Festival (Mexico), Hilltop Festival (India), Antaris Festival (Germany), Summer Never Ends Festival (Switzerland), Sonica Festival (Montenegro), Fullmoon Festival (Germany), Ultra Music Festival (Russia), Goa Dupa Festival (Poland), Blackmoon Festival (Italy), Psy-Fi Festival (Netherland), Monte Mapu Festival (Chile), Illuminate Festival (New Zealand), Elements (Denmark), Wonderland Festival (Germany) etc…

MP3 File download: https://files.fm/u/75r4w72vnb


GMS & Dickster - Boom Festival 2023 - Dance Temple Closing Set


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OZORA FESTIVAL 2023 @ 31 JULY - 06 AUGUST 2023


The Ozora Festival, stylised as O.Z.O.R.A., is an annual transformational festival and arts festival near the Hungarian village of Ozora.

The festival has been held on an estate in Ozora near the small village of Dádpuszta every year since 2004 except in 2020 and 2021, when cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.[2]

The first modern music festival held in Ozora was called Solipse and took place during the Solar eclipse of August 11, 1999. Solipse had a sequel in Zambia 2001, [3] but in Ozora' did not get a sequel until the first Ozora Festival was held in 2004.

The Ozora is, with Solar Festival, one of the two sizeable transformational festivals in Hungary. One of the largest psychedelic trance festivals in Europe, Ozora is similar to the Boom Festival in Portugal, Burning Man in United States, and Fusion Festival in Germany, one of the Most Famous Festivals in the World, who also reach more than 40,000 visitors every year.[4]

Due to its success, several one-day spin-offs from the Ozora Festival have been held in several other countries such as Tokyo, Japan, Paris, France, México and São Paulo, Brazil.

OZORA FESTIVAL 2023 - an unforgettable experience


Ace Ventura @ Ozora Festival 2023



Captain Hook @ Ozora Festival 2023




DJ Botond @ O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2023



Liquid Soul @ Ozora Festival 2023



Ritmo @ Ozora Festival 2023



Zyce Vs Flegma @ OZORA Festival 2023


Space Cat @ Ozora Festival 2023



This movie is dedicated as a tribute to the memory of those who were murdered, injured and kidnapped from the TRIBE of NOVA and Psyduck Underground party in Israel.


Galactic Explorers live at Ozora Festival 2023



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Indian Spirit Festival 2023 - Germany


The Indian Spirit is a North German psytrance or goa-trance festival, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019. It was named after the spirit of the outdoor trance parties in the late 1980s in the Indian state of Goa, which we want to keep alive at our festival. The Indian Spirit is now Germany's largest psytrance festival with 15,000 guests and has secured a permanent place in the calendar of the most important psytrance festivals in Europe with a line-up that is unparalleled worldwide. The music is of course in the foreground for us, but for the necessary spirit there are also yoga and workshop offers, chill-out areas and a market mile for culinary, clothing, jewelry and other items from all over the world.



























Indian Spirit Festival 2023 - Official Aftermovie


TERRA @ Indian Spirit Festival 2023


Claudinho Brasil @ Indian Spirit 2023


Liquid Soul @ Indian Spirit Festival 2023


OMIKI @ Indian Spirit Festival 2023


Astrix @ Indian Spirit Festival 2023


Vegas @ Indian Spirit Festival 2023


Neelix @ Indian Spirit Festival 2023


Neutrino @ Indian Spirit Festival 2023


Durs @ Indian Spirit Festival 2023


Morten Granau @ Indian Spirit Festival 2023


Aftermovie @ Indian Spirit Festival 2023


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Universo Paralello @ 2023/24 - 17th Edition - Brasil








Aardvarkk - Ace Ventura - Aladin - Alien Art - Altruism - Aura Vortex - Basscannon - Blazy - Burn In Noise - Capital Monkey - Captain Hook - Dickster - Dust - E-clip - Earthling - Emok - Etnica - Evil Oil Man - Groundbass - JustinChaos - Major7 - Morten Granau - NoFace - Pantomiman - Perfect Stranger - Querox - Render - Rising Dust - Shred’er - Synthatic - Tall Tales - Waio - Zyce


Becker @ Universo Paralello | 2023 - 2024


Vegas @ Universo Paralello 23/24



Henrique Camacho @ Universo Paralello 23/24



Blazy @ Universo Paralello 23/24



Kova @ Universo Paralello Festival 2023/2024



CronoCops | Universo Paralello Festival 2023 - 2024



GroundBass @ Universo Paralello Festival 2023/2024



Adriana e Adonias @ Universo Paralello 23/24


Dang3r @ Universo Paralello Festival 2023/2024


Pedro Amaral Music Live @ Universo Paralelo 2023/24


Vintage Culture live at Universo Paralello 2023-2024


Niagora @ Universo Paralello Festival 2023/2024


Zahar @ Universo Paralello 2023/2024


Synthatic l Universo Paralello Festival 2023-2024


Sighter @ Universo Paralello 2023/2024


Artifex @ Universo Paralello Festival 2023 - 2024


Djantrix @ Universo Paralello 23/24


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