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PSY GYPSIES Presents: Gypsy Parade 15/10/2022


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It’s been a year since our inauguration, which calls for a big celebration after the summer holiday 

Psy Gypsies: Gypsy Parade “1st anniversary“ coming up on the 15th October 

Psy Gypsies are bringing you one of their most favourite Portuguese psytrance producer Alienn with his 2 hours full power fullon set together with 2 new live act debuts Simbiotyk (aka Project X) and Quantic Universe (aka Universum Psy). You can also look forward to Champa and our residents Djane Anastasia, DJ Xalala and Djane Dr. Lu. And for the first time we also welcome DJ S&M at Psy Gypsies dance floor. You can look forward to unique main stage artists, chillout area, face painting, stalls, performances and much more...

Tickets: http://skiddle.com/e/36166509

______Main Stage______

Alienn (PT, live) Global Army - 1st time in UK

Champa (UK, live) - EnterRec

Simbiotik (PT, live) Simbiotik Records

Quantic Universe (PT, live) Simbiotyk Records

Djane Anastazja (PL) EnterRec

Djane Dr. Lu (SK)

DJ Xalala (PT)


Psychedelic Décor
Face painting
Friendly Security

Loads of love,
Your Gypsy Family


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