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Oannes - Zambu Elixir - 2 Hour Oldschool Goa DJSet performed at Hop Into Goa 1 - 2022-08 - Z.N.A. Tribute

Empsyre ॐ

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I'm delighted to share an oldschool Goa DJSet which signifies my deep dive into Oldschool Goa-Trance the last year, under my new alias as "Oannes". I had the luxurious opportunity to perform this set at "A Hop Into Goa", the very first edition of a 2-day Open Air, a brilliant new Belgian story. This set also symbolizes as a warm-up set for coming Z.N.A. gathering which is why I called it "Zambu Elixir". I hope you can enjoy it as much as I had discovering this music and making this 2 hour long set! Expect tracks from Shakta, Mindfield, Somaton, Nada, Jörg, Cosmosis, Tandu, Ziax, Transwave, Infected mushrooms, Power Source and many other legends! Tracklist is included on soundcloud! Happy to hear what you all think about it and I hope to inspire you!


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