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VA: The Realm Of Death [Horrordelic]

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Horrordelic Proudly presents a new VA, celebrating our 10 Years in the scene.

Download links and info: https://horrordelic.com/va_-_realm_of_death + Bandcamp: https://horrordelic.bandcamp.com/album/the-realm-of-death



Track list:

1.Yamaraja - Back To The Horizon (150Bpm) 07:45
2.Shadowform - Faliro Section (152Bpm) 08:48
3.Eternity & Polymorphia - Utopian Elements (154Bpm) 07:17
4.Circus Freq - Genetic Memories (164Bpm) 07:06
5.Crom - Coming From Within (170Bpm) 05:38
6.SilverDaze - Son of Zeus (199.95-173Bpm) 08:36
7.Twilight Morph & Machlou - Spellslinger (175Bpm) 07:20
8.Paranoia Sector - Novus Ordo Seclorum (178Bpm) 06:43
9.Evil Scream - Vendetta (180Bpm) 06:07
10.ApeTech - Magical Dimension (186Bpm) 08:36

The Realm of The Death:
The ancient Greeks believed in an underworld to which the souls of the dead journeyed. It was known by names such as Hades or Erebus which have become synonymous with the concept of ‘Hell’.

The Underworld was a structured place. The souls of the dead were sent to various realms based on how they were judged: blameless heroes to Elysium, the evil to Tartarus and those who were neither good nor bad to the Fields of Asphodel. To safely travel from the world of the living to that of Hades, the soul needed to cross the Styx (the River of Hate) on a boat steered by a grim ferryman known as Charon.

The cost of the trip was a gold coin and it was the custom of mourners to place one in the deceased’s mouth to ensure safe passage.

released June 28, 2022

Compiled By Yamaraja
Mastering By Komfuzius, Track 3: Mastering by Dark Spectrum Lab
Artwork By Artistry
Released By Horrordelic


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