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What is the genre of these tracks


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Hello again, friends.  My previous searches ended in failure.  Since these are most likely accidentally heard tracks or moments in them.  But I keep discovering a new sound that gives me goosebumps.  Therefore, please answer what genres the following tracks belong to:

1. ballarak - suburbia

2. ballarak, tertu - borgia

3. Kalki - Lost in space

4. space motion - boombaya

5. space motion, stylo- dreamers

6. under sanction - shaman(stream cut)

7. Alexander alar, roelbat-himalayas

8. sagi abitbul - pagati

9. maximum love - black magic

10. xandl, dj herpi - scifi.


Many tracks will be from the same genre, I think.  I'm sorry there are so many.  Thanks in advance.

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