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  1. Hello again, friends. My previous searches ended in failure. Since these are most likely accidentally heard tracks or moments in them. But I keep discovering a new sound that gives me goosebumps. Therefore, please answer what genres the following tracks belong to: 1. ballarak - suburbia 2. ballarak, tertu - borgia 3. Kalki - Lost in space 4. space motion - boombaya 5. space motion, stylo- dreamers 6. under sanction - shaman(stream cut) 7. Alexander alar, roelbat-himalayas 8. sagi abitbul - pagati 9. maximum love - black magic 10. xandl, dj herpi - scifi. Many tracks will be from the same genre, I think. I'm sorry there are so many. Thanks in advance.
  2. All of the above is great music. I will listen to it more deeply. but that's not exactly what I was looking for. I understand that my question is very complex. this is most likely to be found by chance in the tracks. thank.
  3. thanks for the feedback. I love different genres of trance. ranging from good old full on like 1200 microgram album - 1200 mic's, and also planet ben and didrapest - psychedelic injection. plus many more artists and tracks. I also like melodic goa. modern. such a meaty sound. a bit cosmic. these are e-mantra, nova fractal, median project, Artifact303 and some remixes from astral projection. I also like toi doi, pcilocybian, trold, braincell. I also like to listen to psytrance harder. forest or dark type. recently discovered the direction of hitech. This forum is the only one where they can answer my questions. unfortunately the culture is not as lively as in the 2000s. Your track doesn't work for me either. and now I'm just looking for a good darktrance. it is also interesting to listen to the hardest, scariest and craziest darkTrance. about progressive. I like. but not all. it is sometimes too slow. but I want faster rhythms. and the sound itself is delicious. juicy progressive. Can you recommend a couple of tracks or artists. i like once ovnimoon
  4. Tnx. But this music not dark psy. a bit not what i want
  5. Hello. Can someone tell me the tracks or artists of PsyTrance or DarkTrance and other substiles of Psy. Accidentally stumbled upon the track Chi A.D. - Liquid Neon Sky. In it, at 1:08, a rumble begins, like a truck or a train is buzzing. Such a cool, unusual and long sound. There is also a track illumicorp - the pain of the insane witch. At 1:34 there is a very funny howl of some animal or person. In general, the tracks are dark, some kind of tin, so that there are unusual effects. Or scary sounds. Thank you in advance!
  6. hello brothers, those who love high-quality sound. I discovered a new branch of sound. this is the live set "(2011) Artifact303 & E-Mantra & Eleusyn - Psychedelic Vision Vol.1-2 (DJ Set)". Please, if someone else knows this sound, tell me. albums, tracks, live, sets.
  7. @Tsotsi I listened to the song and I advise you. This is just a killer set in the style of new goa (2011) Artifact303 & E-Mantra & Eleusyn - Psychedelic Vision Vol.1-2 (DJ Set) If you throw such live I will be grateful
  8. Big respect to you. you gave me information to find cool music for a couple of weeks
  9. Thank you. It is very similar to Atomo. I will listen to his other tracks.
  10. Hi. Thx for feedback. But you confused Atomos with Atomo. please see this - this is a cool soft and melodic forest.
  11. Hi all! I listened back in 2005-2010 to psy, goa and other trance music. in 2020 started listening again and fell in love with psy again. all in all. need advice. plz help me 1. Discovered Goa in a new way from the tracks: nova fractal - out of reach, e-mantra - praying forest (short version), nova fractal - lost souls, several tracks of artifact303. in general, I like a more e-mantra, nova fractal, filteria, ethereal tracks. I can't figure out what genre it is. modern goa or melodic goa? It's hard to find tracks like this. what I like about these tracks is that the whole track is varied. not a couple of beats and samples that are repeated throughout the track, but a varied sound throughout the track. and a nice non-pop melody. I will be glad if you tell me some similar artists or tracks. 2. I was also pleasantly surprised and very impressed with Atomo's music. in particular tracks future music, slow motion and pace full dreams. is this forest psy? but when looking for a similar dark/forest, I ran into a problem - all the music is not as melodic as atomo. there is a similar dark/forest to be softer and more melodic or something. sorry, my English is not good
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