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AYMON FESTIVAL 2022 (16-20.06.2022 / BULGARIA)

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Divine Magic Theory presents:
♫ • AYMON Festival 2022 • ♫
16 - 20 June 2022
Dear psy family, we are beyond excited to announce the new edition of Aymon Festival 2022! This year's theme is Chorus Perpetuum - Eternal Dance
Dance is an eternal movement of the body. Frequency oscillations where energy is manifested through matter. This energy lasts forever and can transform itself in many ways! We are this eternal energy! Through our dance we can change the energy in the atmosphere in a space, through our intentions we can make oscillations! By dancing we train the ability to determine and manage energy and to rearrange our life path!
Dance is also an inspiration! It is solely this feeling which makes us feel the impulse to share it with the whole world, once it strikes us. An action when the body and the soul synchronise completely. Dance is freedom. Freedom of thought and expression, a universal language for all of us!
When one dances, one directs Divine energy to the Cosmos ~ when many people dance all together, they open up the space ... which can only be experienced within the heart You are all welcome to vortex together this beautiful dimension called - Chorus Perpetuum!

● MEGDAMON - the main stage with a colourful variety of psychedelic music:
Progressive, Full on, Twilight, Forest, Dark, Hi-tech, Psybient, Ambient / Downtempo ...
●  TECHNODOME – here you will be able to enjoy a quality selection of:
Techno, Deep Techno, Progressive, IDM, Minimal, Ambient, Dub Techno, Glitch & Bass Music
●   ZEN SPACE – a harmonious place with practices, sound meditation, lectures, ancient rituals ...

For your well- being you will find also:
● Quality sound system
● Decoration art
● Colourful bar
● Fresh bar with refreshing drinks smoothies and sweet temptations
● Tasty vegetarian kitchen
● Natural spring water under the shadows of the forest
● Hand made accessories
● Worкshops
● Children activities
● Fire art tent
● Beauty area for hairstyles
● Shop area
● Camping area
● Parking
● Friendly security
● Showers
● Eco toilets


Presale tickets: 58€
At the gate (Thursday): 70€
At the gate (Friday): 64€
At the gate (Saturday): 50€
At the gate (Sunday): 25€

Tickets can only be purchased on the Bilet BG network:
-Online: https://bilet.bg/bg/events/preview/3314?flush=1
- At a cash register convenient for you: https://bilet.bg/bg/pages/cash-desks


You can find more info on our facebook event:



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