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Pearsall presents Eurotrash 8 [Old Skool 1995-1999 Euro Hard Trance Mix]


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I'm very excited to share with you Eurotrash 8, the eighth edition in my long-running series of mixes devoted to the best in old skool (mostly) European hard trance. This one is not quite as fast/mental as some of the others in the series, but it is definitely proper trance, as trance was originally meant to be - hypnotic, driving and melodic, with a minimum of cheese. Enjoy!

Pearsall presents Eurotrash 8


Blog link: https://sonicrampage.org/blog/2022/05/pearsall-presents-eurotrash-8-old-skool-european-hard-trance/

Mixed in Berlin, May 2022
100% Vinyl
(95:32, 218 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)


01. Roughage - Katoomba (Sydney Live Mix) [Time Unlimited]
02. Watchman - Watchman's Theme [Phuture Wax]
03. Razor's Edge - The Zoo (Dark Dub '95) [Metropolitan Music]
04. Superspy - Sumo V2 [Noom]
05. Junk Project - Volume III [Block Busters]
06. X-Frame - Scream [Crystal]
07. Return of the Native - Persuosion [Tripomatic]
08. Optimus - Confessions [Noom]
09. Canyon - Purple Phaze [Hook]
10. Tom Wax & Jan Jacarta - Wormhole [Tetsuo]
11. DJ Scot Project - W (That Sound) [Overdose]
12. Electric Fruit Orchestra - Nexus 6 [Dropout]
13. Hark - Omega (Pulsedriver Remix) [Nothing]
14. D-Sigual - Back Order [Tracid Traxx]
15. Dee Rex - Soilent Green [Lunatec]
16. Albion - This Is For (Clubmix) [Time Unlimited]
17. Hoschi - The Tribe [Overdrive]
18. Equator - Secret Silence (Aquaplex Remix) [Drizzly]
19. M-Zone - Pulsator Sawrater [Teach Yourself Techno]
20. The Combat Force - Combat Assault (Dawn Raid Mix) [Triebhafte]
21. Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid (Silent Breed Remix) [Tracid Traxx]
22. Cores - Ice Rain [Noom]
23. Mirage - Keoma [Technogold]
24. Third Man - Planet Hunters [Hook]
25. The Secret - Gorgeous (Orgasm Mix) [Logic]

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