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How to do a sidechain duck effect with kick in ultra beat and bass in retrosynth on logic?

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Hi mate, I had a quick look for you but theres no sidechain input in retrosynth, so heres how to get it to pump to the kick from the ultrabeat (trance gate)...


this technique will apply to any audio track or instrument you want to "duck" or "gate" for the matter....

on the "retrosynth" channel strip add/open the "noise gate" plugin (dynamics > noise gate" , then in the top corner of that plugin you see sidechain now.... selct the ultrabeat track or channel from there thats it.  the default logic gate should have it pumping.  NOW  adjust the gate to what ever your pumping needs etc... 

cheers & have fun...

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Polyverse/Infected Mushroom Gatekeeper, the best IMO very snappy for sidechains as well besides trance-gates, it's really a precision tool. And you can control it either as a channel insert, or manually the old school way, sending midi notes from a dedicated midi track to trigger the gate. As they would've done it back in the day with a hardware gate ala Behringer Intelligate, or the Drawmer Noise Gate.


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