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Looking for dark, gothic psy trance

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Guest E Torres

(From Mexico)


i have Dark Soho's Combustion: so fucking good!!!!!,

so Im looking for artists with these dark and gothic elements (i've found Xenomorph with the album Qlippoth)


PSY Trance: Pura Energia!!!!!

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Guest psygone21

I have a part in my collection that is cut-out specifically for the darkest music ever!!! HEre are some of the TOP / VERY BEST OF THE BEST!!!



Both Xenomorph albums... (for sure!!!)


Sandman - Witchcraft (fuck yes!)


Both "Dark Soho" albums...


X-Dream - Radio (dark but not psychotic, its more like the tone)


The Delta - (their first album, the second is crap)


Cydonia - In fear of A Red Planet (very cool and dark!, but not gothic or psychotic)


Also, the best dark compilation I've ever heard is called, "There is No Tomorrow," currently available like most of the others on psyshop.com right now!!!



and if you want REALLY fucked-up, dark, evil, sadistic, melodic, trance/experimental/psytrance/ambient.... but it has some lyrics on a handful of tracks, yet it is VERY creative, harsh, evil, and musically talented, try on amazon.com an album by the artist: "Velvet Acid Christ." The album is titled "Fun With Knives." and the artist says he was inspired by goatrance groups such as Juno Reactor, X-Dream, Astral Projection, and many others!!!


That would be:


Velvet Acid Christ - "Fun with Knives" (very dark, edgy, sadistic, and some awesome, psychotic mean as hell samples! This is crazy, twisted, melodic with rhythm and catchy-structure "dark-industrial-trance" at its very best)


you can sample Velvet Acid Christ right now on Amazon.co.uk ... or amazon.com... remember.... "Fun with Knives" is their best album. The others don't sound as much psytrance or trance as this one!

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Guest Markus

Hello Everybody .....


i´m wondering why TIM SCHULDT or FOUR CARRY NUTS are not mentioned here ....

in case you did not here the music you should check it out .....






message to the dude who is writing about Velvet Acid Christ : i agree that there are some tracks where you can hear for sure goa-sounds and combined with the hardcore voice it makes them really interesting ,although the production quality of those goa influenced tracks never reaches the qualtiy of Juno Reactor , Astral Projection,

Tim Schuldt or X-Dream.....have you listened to mexican crazy band HOCICO ....they released some cool tracks as well ......??!!!


anyway , wicked discussion here .....



Aurinko Records

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Guest psyfaeri

psygone21... omg!! someone who lives in tampa that's into the darker, harder, psytrance!!! woo hoo!!! kik ass!


all of the above rock!!! also check out:


scatterbrain - infernal angels...

this cd ROX!

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