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InnerShade, Shred'er - The Great Investigation

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Extra-terrestrial visits on earth have always been hidden. National Agencies and Secret Organizations kept the flying saucers a mystery, and the Zeta Reticulans a secret.

But that was until a courageous team of psychedelizers known as Shred'er & InnerShade decided to tackle the Great Investigation. It is now only a matter of time before the world finds out the truth!

Discover their secret mission to inform the world in the form of a banging psytrance tune, full of crazy distorted sounds and fast rhythms. No rest for the blast!


"The Great Investigation" by InnerShade and Shred'er out on

BeatPort : https://bit.ly/3n3AxaS 

SoundCloud : https://bit.ly/31n4GcB

Bandcamp :  https://bit.ly/3cn5kZS


Graphism by OVNI Studio

Mastering by OddWave Studio


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