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è tempo w/ kuyto - vinyl set (psytrance, goa, down tempo, dub)


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Enjoy the musical journey of dub, goa and psytrance played on vinyl.



1.   Doof - Sk.2k   

2.   Total eclipse - One Size Fits All   

3.   Cyberbabas - Vine of Souls   

4.   Zen Lemonade - Pussy Galore 

5.   Zodiac youth - Space (Station II Station mix)

6.   Bus - Bullet (Original Velocity mix)

7.   Noosphere - The Beyond

8.   Star Sound Orchestra - Youth Machine

9.   Man with no name - Axis flip   

10.  Busted - Uncontrolable Substance

11.  Saiko-Pod - Silent Running 

12.  Saafi Brothers – Internal Code Error (X-Dream rmx)   

13.  Doof - Home On The Strange

14.  Shakta - Questions   

15.  Koxbox - Ambivalentino

16.  Galaxy - Alien Encounters (vol. 1)       

17.  Noosphere - Paradigma  

18.  The Delta - As a Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling (Dub mix)


The set was played on Amok Radio - https://www.amokradio.co

Visuals by Bojan Dimitrijevikj / www.instagram.com/b.dimitrijevikj












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