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This set is dedicated to my Queen Ponura, and we defiantly share the same heart in music, life and art - Set 7 - Full On Twilight Psytrance 147-148: This show comes out of the block full on, hard and prime from that twilight session, carrying you deeper into the night. Come with me and we will sweat together for the next hour or so! Enjoy and for best results played loud and with a subwoofer.

00.00 Volcano On Mars & Jimbo Feat. Sitarsonic & Chicago - Goa On My Mind Part 2
06.30 Imagin Mars - Cycles
11.28 GMS & Menog - Volunteered Experience
18.52 Tristan, Magik – Free Ride
24.05 Fungus Funk & Liftshift - Kush Tea
29.59 Ingrained Instincts - Spacefaring Species
36.42 Mad Tribe & Raja Ram - Bigger Bang
44.46 Space Tribe -16 Defy Gravity
50.37 Jumpstreet - Spirit Overflow
57.22 AOxidaksi - Avira


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