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Absolute Psy - Set 6 Jump up Prog Psytrance 143bpm


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If your looking for the more crazy side of Progressive Psychedelic Trance then come and check out Absolute Psy - Set 6 Up on Mixcloud now!

Set 6 - Jump up psytrance is the lively more explosive side of psy. This show is dedicated to my little bro's. The rooted power comes deep from the Israeli synthases, combined with the most intense kick & bass drops, locks 'n' pops, this show is guaranteed to blow your socks off & get you moving deeper into the night! For best results play loud!

Track list and timing:
00.00 Blastoyz & Bizzare Contact (Harmonika Remix) - Sunshine & Rainbows
06.28 WHITENO1SE (P.R.O.G. Remix) - Ecstasy of Gold
11.02 Liquid Soul & Off Limits - Grow & Glow
16.50 Sundose - Sun Valley
23.27 Blastoyz & WHITENO1SE – Yanomami
29.32 Ace Ventura & Interactive Noise - The Answer
35.13 Liquid Soul & Outsiders - Life Frequency
39.45 Altom (Avalon & Divination Remix) - Hologram
47.09 Dominante - The Captain
52.57 Bliss (Shivax Remix) - My LSD Song



Absolutely Psy Set 6 Artwork1.png

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