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Imagining Circle's


Or my newer page


I find myself really connecting deeply to the dark futuristic mechanized flow of Zenon lately.

ETN said of this mix "I love this man, thank you so much, great selections" which makes all the work worthwhile right. 

I look forward to your feedback, critique, tell me its shit or whatever and ill take it all on board and work to improve.

Thank you for your time guys...you will find plenty of mixes on these pages from me past present and future.

If you are interested in psy-balance and psy-contrast please check out my Glitched out, wonky beats and twisted downtempo alter-ego MystaKool bringing my favourite psy-chillstomp flavors.


Thank you for your time.

P.S if anyone wants downloads...please contact me at djkatipo33@gmail.com with the name of the mix you want and i will do my best to get it to you asap.

Admin note: Guys this is my first post if i did anything wrong can you let me know and i will change it immediately. Thank you.

Be Safe, be well, PLUR!!


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Left out email contact for downloads...
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My latest Katipo mix of full on and progressive psytrance. I hope you enjoy it!


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Hi everyone,

Here is my latest offering. featuring the very latest tracks from Ajja, Nomad Aliens, Killer Buds and many more  I do hope you enjoy it.

Love Katipo


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