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Goasia - Landed On Wrong Planet

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Bandcamp: https://goasia.bandcamp.com/album/landed-on-wrong-planet

I'm not much of a reviewer, but I want to leave this here. :) So Spacedock Records released the latest 10-track Goasia album in June, without many fanfares as far as I have perceived. Nonetheless, I purchased it immediately, but wasn't really sure what to expect. I absolutely loved his early work (Purple Energy 2, From Other Spaces) very much more than his later work. I listened to the samples, I listened to the full CD at home, it didn't click at first.

Yesterday I had a longer car drive with nice sundown and I thought Goasia would be a good idea, so I put this in the CD drive (yeah, oldschool). It was a very good idea! His style became a lot more progressive in a way that I like a lot (don't confuse the term "progressive" with the YSE style garbage). The individual tracks are definitely not groundbreaking, but none are even close to bad, and the flow of the whole thing is nothing but amazing! It's very cheesy here and there, reminded me a bit of Nitzho (especially that thing in "Yes, We Are"), but Goasia embedded it very well and it always feels just right, never too much. He's also done a notably good job on the basslines and overall sound effect scape, which tends to be extremely monotonic in most newschool releases nowadays.

Overall, this is one of the better newschool releases in my recent memory and I recommend giving it a try! :D

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