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I’ve just got a new job and I’ve decided that I’m going to start saving as much as possible for a new guitar that I’ll get in the next year. I want my dream guitar basically, I’ve had a look around but I’d like some recommendations as I’m sure the UG community know better…

Price range I suppose can range from £600 onwards to touching £1000, just make sure it’s worth it!

There are only a few requirements, my primary style is funk, so hopefully it could cater to this. I would really love some proper tuning stability which I never seem to get with my current guitars. I want to be able to properly bend and experiment with my guitar during solos/improvisations with my band - with no fear of going completely out of tune with everyone else. I just feel I need it to develop from the stage I’m currently at. I don’t know much about the options on that front, but locking tuning or whatever would certainly be welcome.

Following on from the ideal setup thing, I’d also like a recommendation for an ideal amp to go with that. I play mostly clean and I’ve always loved the “sparkle” of a Marshall so maybe something of that range?

Again - price, £600 and up to £1000.


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