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Kaiju Lounge: Psychedelia Junglistia - Psytrance & Psybreaks

Gary the Selector

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In case you like your psytrance with a little breakbeat flavor, Kaiju Lounge presents Psychedelia Junglistia. Have fun in the sun, summer is in full swing!


Cabeiri - Unify the Opposites  00:00
Rainbow Spirit feat. DJ Sangeet - Sirius Shuttle  06:53
1200 Mics - The Sixth Revelation - The Secret Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls  16:38
Synchro - See Ya Later Oscillator  26:02
Psychopod - Seriaf  33:30
Cypher-O - Psychedelia Junglistia  41:45
Zorba feat. Chicago - The Rush  50:40
Snake Thing - Scorch  55:49
Planewalker - Psychic Evolution  01:04:12
Total Eclipse - Waiting For A New Life  01:11:45

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