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So I'm doing some research into the subject, and it's kind of difficult to find photos from the era nowadays. There used to be great photos on the sites of the artists/groups, but most sites are of course dead by now or updated with the latest stuff. And there was also quite often gear lists.

There is one group on facebook that has some old school goa studio photos, but the selection and quality is a bit uneven. And not focused specifically on old school. If anyone has photos from the old maestros studios of yesteryear, it would be much appreciated .There is some on discogs as well, the ones I could find I will add to to this topic.

Dimension 5 old studio, from their facebook. Not clear at which members place the studio was located.

Gear I spot:

Moog Source

2x Korg Prophecy 

Roland TB-303

Roland MC-202

Roland SH-5  

Maybe a Roland JP-8000, very blurry photo hard to tell.

Moog Minimoog

Soundcraft Spirit Mixing Desk?

Some unidentified synthesizers and a rack full of effects, as well as a smaller unidentified mixing desk.

Monitors or speakers of unknown brand.





Miranda, not sure what studio it is. Looks like a soundcraft spirit mixing desk, photo from discogs.



Edi Mis, from facebook group.

A Waldorf Rack synth?

Some Akai Sampler

Roland Juno-106

2x Roland TB-303

Unknown effects units and mixing desk.



Cosmosis from facebook group.

Clavia Nord Rack

Korg Prophecy

Unknown effect units and mixing desk


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