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Rita Raga - Celestial Being


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"Celestial Being" is the newest Downtempo promotional set from Rita Raga, featuring tracks by
Rita Raga and, as featured on Psylicious Radio's Valentines show.
Rita Raga - singer, music producer, multi instrumentalist, DJ, creating melodic downtempo
music with ethno and psychedelic inspirations, accompanied by live vocals, electric guitar,
keys and percussive instruments.


01: Rita Raga - Fairy Forest - Blue Tunes Chillout
02: Kalya Scintilla - Light of the North - Merkaba Music
03: Red Sun Rising feat. Rita Raga - Jutrzenki Brzask - [Self Released]
04: Rita Raga - ID/Unreleased
05: Rita Raga - ID/Unreleased
06: Distant System - Gravitational Vortices - Celestial Dragon Records
07: Mobitex - Ayala - Altar Records
08: Cabeiri - Mount Nysa - Infinity-Tunes
09: Rabitza - Tinctura Life - Atmospheric Records
10: Alwoods - Voice of Sherwood - Altar Records
11: Rita Raga - Agma - Synchronos Recordings
12: Rita Raga - Synesthesia - Synchronos Recordings
13: Rita Raga - ID/Unreleased

Listen: Click Here

Rita Raga Bookings | Information | Vocalist Inquiries:
Psylicious | Rita Raga

Rita Raga Social Media & Links:
Facebook: Click Here
Soundcloud: Click Here
Mixcloud: Click Here
Youtube: Click Here
Beatport: Click Here

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