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Ziptnf - Celestial Resonance [psydnb/neurofunk]


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I've thought about doing a sequel to my relatively popular Encrypted Universe but hadn't gotten around to digging for it. There are basically 3 people who rule this sound: Xenofish, Mellow Sonic, and Cybernetika, and none of them are signed to any labels or have any new releases in the past 3-4 years anyway. So unless they all make a comeback I wouldn't anticipate many more of these mixes. The neuro stuff seemed to fit nicely in a 20ish minute block towards the end. I tried to get the most listenable neurofunk available considering a vast majority of it is actually hurts to listen to. Had a lot of fun recording this. Enjoy!

Cryomatter - 7-Dimensional Stasis [Ektoplazm]
Mellow Sonic - Interplanetary [Self-release]
Cryomatter - Reassembly [Ektoplazm]
Mellow Sonic - Astral Traveller (Xenofish Remix) [Self-release]
Mellow Sonic - Heliophysics [Self-release]
Mellow Sonic - Pandora [Self-release]
Xenofish - Twinmachine (Mellow Sonic Remix) [Self-release]
Xenofish & Mellow Sonic - Radiating Scapes [Self-release]
Mellow Sonic - Enemy Forces (Cybernetika Remix) [Self-release]
Axi - Nightfly [Fall Out]
Phace - Strange Science [Shogun]
Black Sun Empire - Extraction [Black Sun Empire]
Noisia - Running Blind [RAM]
Axi - Safe House [Mindtech LTD]



Left-click to download:
Ziptnf - Celestial Resonance (1:16:44) 169MB ~320kbps

Image credit to antifan-real.

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