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Figuring out song with chick saying "set"

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fishbelly    0

Hello hello,

I hope this post finds you well!

This past weekend I was moving and grooving to a top notch mostly full-on set.

I asked the dj the next day if he had recorded the set or if he was aware of a particular song I really enjoyed. He had not recorded the set and said he was flying by seat of his pants and wasn't sure what the song was either.

So that leads me here. I was hoping with little info y'all might be able to help identify the song.

Here is what I know:

-genre = full on-ish psy-trance.

-There were two different vocal samples one was "set" and one was a short spoke monologue. The song then had another "set" sample some time before the end of the song.

"Set" was said by a chick and the other sample was a dude.

I really don't know much past that...slim pickings but I'm proud of my memory for retaining that much.

If we can work together to figure it out that'd be great...thank you very much!


One person posted it might be this song (while the sample is similar, there is no monologue and it doesn't sound fast enough...but the sample is close): 


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