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EP - Out Of The Void - Sweet Dreams Records (dubpsy psychill ...)

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EP - Out Of The Void

Bandcamp Link: sweetdreamsrecords.bandcamp.com/alb…/out-…-the-void
Official Release date : 20/06/19
Ref : EPSDR05
Label : Sweet Dreams Records (Morocco)
Produced by : Kalamour
Country : Morocco
ArtWork : Kalamour
Master : DigitalX
Distribution : Bandcamp & Beatspace

Story :

As above as below
The branches you see
The roots you know
As wide as the sea
Densely intertwined

Deep in the dark
Seed called by a spark 
Like a spell from the void
Technology awakened

As the branches of one tree
We think we are cut from the whole
And we believe it makes us free
But with inner look, we see it all

We are one. Infinite.
As above as below.

على النحو الوارد أعلاه أدناه
الفروع التي تراها
الجذور التي تعرفها
واسعة مثل البحر
متشابكة بكثافة
في أعماق الظلام
بذرة تنادى شرارة
مثل تعويذة من الفراغ
استيقظت التكنولوجيا
كما فروع شجرة واحدة
نعتقد أننا معزولون عن الكل
ونحن نعتقد أنه يجعلنا أحرار
ولكن مع نظرة داخلية ، نرى كل شيء
نحن واحد. اللانهائي.
على النحو الوارد أعلاه أدناه.

Kalamour Biography :
Always guided by his instinct, his artistic approach is close to a free expression of the unconscious, expression or the result is always unexpected and unforeseen … Multidisciplinary, he enjoys mixing materials and media, mixed media is one of his trademark.
Kalamour is Also a music productor, delivering a super unique tune that brings the Dervish vibes to a border world between drum n bass dub darkprog and psytrance, Kalamour creates something wholly novel. Melodies reminiscent of Ozric Tentacles mingle with Sufi Sama and an atmosphere that is usually home to liquid drum n bass, forming a highly charged and hypnotic space.

Tracklists : 
1 - Kalamour - Roots gathering تجمع الجذور [85]
2 - kalamour - Inner loop الحلقة الداخلية [85]
3 - kalamour - Ancient technology التكنولوجيا القديمة [95]


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