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Artifact303 in the mix^Tribute mix by Andrew Tripiti

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The idea of this tribute mix appeared, when  few days ago I  riding  a bike along  a forest road. I was impressed and in the same day mix was ready.

I  compilated tracks from era  2007-2015.

What cool tracks created this guy!

Now you can  listen in one file !




01 Ansestors

02 Enegy waves (positive mix)

03 Feelings

04 Levitation device

05 They will communicate

06  For the better world

07 Consequenses

08 Trip to the sun

09 Mysterious fantacy

10 Transmission

11 Black light

12 Future power

13 Answer

14 In your mind

15 Holographic universe

16 Beyound lightspeed

17 E-Mantra -Distant signals (Artifact303 remix)

18 Close encounter

19 Life support system

Running time  2ours 24 min.


Enjoy listening!

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